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Yong Ding, Software Campus

Software Campus: Training IT Managers of Tomorrow

14-Mar-2013 | Shandy Lo

Yong Ding is one of the first students to join Software Campus, an initiative of German universities and companies to tackle the shortage of talent in the IT sector. He shares his experience in the fi

Verena Delius On Startups, Women, And Digital Natives

30-Jan-2013 | Shandy Lo

Verena Delius has been the CEO of Goodbeans, a startup company that develops apps for children and families, since 2010. After winning the “CEO of the Future” competition in 2007, the two-time m

Networking in Silicon Valley

25-Jan-2013 | Shandy Lo

Two German entrepreneurs traveled almost 10,000 kilometers to Silicon Valley to find a backer for their startup idea. They tell us what's so special about networking in the U.S. and why it's not the s

Fighting Diseases With Big Data

11-Jan-2013 | Shandy Lo

Anyone who uses a smartphone or social network leaves behind digital traces. These information "footprints" can help tackle social problems, say the creators of "The Human Face of Big Data" project.

cash flow

Just “A New Way to Make Money”?

8-Jan-2013 | Shandy Lo

Big Data – a blessing or a curse? We asked expert Pavlo Baron to explain how businesses should approach the topic of Big Data and about the new career prospects that are evolving in its wake. Pho

Where The CIO Jobs Are

3-Jan-2013 | Shandy Lo

Chemistry majors learning about ERP; IT students in communications courses: the next generation of leaders in the IT industry are acquiring a broad set of skills to prepare for their future roles.

IT Trends For 2013

31-Dec-2012 | Shandy Lo

By Christiane Pütter What are the market researchers and analysts predicting for the future of IT? Are their forecasts mere fads or will they have genuine consequences? We take a look. It

When Apps Ruin Your Credit Score

10-Dec-2012 | Shandy Lo

What happens when apps like Angry Birds sell your personal data to third parties? In the wrong hands, this can actually make it impossible for you to obtain credit. There’s no doubt that smartpho

Business Apps For December

10-Dec-2012 | Shandy Lo

By Alexander Roth Whether you're looking for a way to accept credit card payments on the go, improve your sales pitch, or have a better understanding of IT costs, these handy apps are must-haves

Big Data

Big Data: Facts & Figures

29-Nov-2012 | Shandy Lo

Everyone is talking about big data and the challenge of managing ever-increasing floods of data. We've collected the most important insights from research on this trend. Graphic: grasundsterne GmbH