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Mika Sissonen previously served as the Director, Product Marketing, at SAP. He was responsible for team-led and integrated demand generation programs for cloud-based collaboration solution, including pipeline coverage and inquiry targets.

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How To Battle Technology Complexity With Simple Collaboration

9-Apr-2015 | Mika Sissonen

How simple is the technology you use in your business? On its own, you may say that each piece of technology is simple enough. But what if you work for a global enterprise? Even if it’s average-s

The iPhone’s Power Network: Can You Recreate It For Your Business?

27-Oct-2014 | Mika Sissonen

What’s the secret to the surge in popularity of the iPhone? In 2007, the year it was first released, Apple sold fewer than 2 million iPhones worldwide. In 2013, global sales surpassed 150 million u

Organizations Predict Surge In Enterprise Social Collaboration Skills

1-Oct-2014 | Mika Sissonen

The use of technology for social collaboration and networking isn’t yet a strength at most organizations, but executives and employees predict that their proficiency in it will grow quickly, accordi

How To Avoid The Business Blunder That Cost Star Wars Makers $7 Billion

24-Mar-2014 | Mika Sissonen

In 1973, George Lucas approached 20th Century Fox Studios with the idea for Star Wars. It was going to be his next film after American Graffiti, which had been a big hit earlier that year. While Luca

3 Reasons to Share Numbers in Your Enterprise Social Network

23-Sep-2013 | Mika Sissonen

Ever noticed how many headlines on the Web have numbers in them? If you look at lists of the most popular articles on social sites like Buzzfeed – or even more traditional sites like Forbes – it

Why Facebook Beats Google+ as a Model for Enterprise Collaboration

16-Jul-2012 | Mika Sissonen

In October of last year, when Google+ was still only a few months old, a member of the nascent social network posted a long rant that received lots of media attention. He meant to share his post only