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Ioana Sima

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Ioana Sima is an architecture student at Ion Mincu University of Architecture, CMO of DigitalWebProperties, coffee lover, and avid gamer. Despite my academic background, I decided to pursue a career in digital marketing. Why? Because it's thrilling, fascinating, and unpredictable. My goal is to contribute to the creation of something truly meaningful & to grow professionally. Follow me on Twitter if you enjoy gaming, dank memes, and digital marketing.

commercial playing on a mobile device

8 Inspiring Commercials Every Marketer Can Learn From

16-Feb-2017 | Ioana Sima

Did you know that Americans consider commercials the best part of the Super Bowl? According to a study conducted by Venables Bell & Partners, a whopping 78% of Americans are more excited about the

way to customer heart and mind

The Way To A Customer’s Heart: Video Animation

12-Oct-2016 | Ioana Sima

More and more companies are using videos to gain their customers’ attention, for one simple reason: It’s an easier way to tell a story. That brings forth the necessity of switching from the bulk m

woman in smart car

IoT And Smart Cars: Changing The World For The Better

30-Aug-2016 | Ioana Sima

The world we once thought was fictional is becoming a reality. Almost anything we want will someday be available at the touch of our fingertips, and a push of a few buttons could replace hours of w