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5 High-Leverage Shifts To Evolve Management

20-Nov-2015 |

The term management has baggage. It’s associated with conclusions that no longer benefit a business or its people. Management is linked to controlling people, monitoring their progress, dominating t

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18 Ways To Wow Employees And Create A Workplace They’ll Love

13-Nov-2015 |

In the basement without windows of a fairly non-descript building in Ann Arbor is a mighty software development company—Menlo Innovations. When I visited Menlo, I expected a gloomy environment. Inst

Group of students laughing during break between classes --- Image by © Richard Schultz/Corbis

3 Great Ways To Make Your Workplace More Positive

5-Nov-2015 |

Work doesn’t need to be a drag. Yet when reviewing the volumes of research on work-related topics, the state of the workplace feels like a drag for too many people. Consider these stats: A 2014

3 Powerful Ways To Promote Workplace Optimism

20-Mar-2015 |

You and your team deserve to enjoy work. The workplace should be a positive influence on people and their lives. Yet for too many it’s just not the case. In one study, 48% of employees frequently f

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Future Of Work With @SimpletonBill [VIDEO]

19-Feb-2015 |

Prognosticators have been predicting the future of work for some time. Some take a very futuristic approach envisioning how, when and where robots will take over more of human jobs. While that’s fun

5 Practices Of Values-Based Leaders

17-Dec-2014 |

Are your personal values personal? They shouldn’t be if you want to make a difference. Something personal is not often discussed. It’s rarely discussed, and held close to the chest. Your values

3 Vital Elements To Values-Based Leadership

6-Dec-2014 |

When the Good Arthur was reinstated as the much beloved leader of Market Basket, it closed the story to a modern day Greek battle. Central to this epic tale was the role values played in shaping a tri

How To Overcome Fake Talk With @JohnRStoker [PODCAST]

24-Oct-2014 |

We’ve all had those interactions where they just don’t go the way we’d hoped. We say something we regret or don’t say what’s needed. In the end, we have fake talk that doesn’t address the

The Overlooked Elements Of Profound Leadership Presence

22-Oct-2014 |

Sitting at a table tucked in the back of the coffee shop, Ari Weinzweig can observe most of his employees’ customer interactions. Co-founder, partner and CEO of Zingerman’s, Ari is dressed in blac

7 Leadership Quotes That Challenge The Status Quo

17-Oct-2014 |

Occasionally we all need a reminder that what we’ve accepted to be true may no longer be relevant. In management and leadership, many 20th century beliefs need to be weeded out and replaced with hea