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3 Powerful Ways To Promote Workplace Optimism

The workplace has become lopsided—too much negativity and not enough optimism. Follow these tips for shifting more toward optimism.
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Future Of Work With @SimpletonBill [VIDEO]

Bill Jensen of the Jensen Group presents three key findings about the future of work that will likely stir some emotion in you.
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5 Practices Of Values-Based Leaders

For values to have meaning and impact, they need to shape beliefs and behaviors. What are the practices of values-based leaders? Here are five main habits.
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3 Vital Elements To Values-Based Leadership

Values-based leadership can transform the way you show up for your people. The unexpected can happen. Possibilities open up. Here's how.
How To Overcome Fake Talk With @JohnRStoker [PODCAST]

How To Overcome Fake Talk With @JohnRStoker [PODCAST]

We've all had interactions where we say something we regret or don't say what's needed. Follow these tips to avoid fake talk.
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The Overlooked Elements Of Profound Leadership Presence

Leadership presence, while beneficial for those believed to have it, is most powerful when it's used to move, touch, and inspire people.      
7 Leadership Quotes That Challenge The Status Quo

7 Leadership Quotes That Challenge The Status Quo

Many 20th century beliefs should be replaced with healthy, people-centric viewpoints. Here are some quotes to challenge the status quo of leadership.
Bold And Gutsy Leadership With @JohnBaldoni [PODCAST]

Bold And Gutsy Leadership With @JohnBaldoni [PODCAST]

For any downturn, there are upsides. John Baldoni, leadership expert, believes one such upside is resilience.
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Workplaces That Inspire by @scedmonds [PODCAST]

In the latest episode of Work That Matters, Chris Edmonds reveals how leaders can create workplace cultures that help business and people flourish.

The New Reality Changing Organizations [PODCAST]

Ted Coiné and Mark Babbitt discuss how leaders can leverage the influence of the social age and thrive.