Sean Garbett

Sean Garbett

About Sean Garbett

Sean Garbett is a passionate professional who strives to empower leaders to understand and harness the asset value of their contingent workforce. As demonstrated by his career results and thought leadership, Sean has established himself as an industry expert in the talent outsourcing and human capital management industry and continues to influence directly and indirectly how companies balance digital transformation with the personal nature of workforce engagement. His career and approach to business was founded in the Business and Risk Management practices of Ernst & Young; since that time he served 11 years with ManpowerGroup in global and regional roles, including four years as the European General Manager of their Workforce Solutions business (TAPFIN). Sean has proven experience working across the global landscape and a passion for developing markets stretching from Asia to Europe. Diverse experiences across complex multi-national, national and SMB organisations. A consultative approach to developing agile workforce solution linked to strategic business drivers, digital transformation and evolving industry/market trends.

The Convergence Of HR And Procurement In The Gig Economy

6-Mar-2017 | Sean Garbett

There has been a shift in how work gets done and how workers want be engaged that is creating a far-reaching ripple effect throughout the digital economy and business platforms. A benefit of this cha