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Scott Pezza

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As part of SAP Ariba's Nework Value Organization Center of Excellence, Scott researches, compiles, and shares best-practice information to help customers get the most out of their investments. With a focus on the financial supply chain (invoice management, payments, discounting, and supply chain finance), his research helps inform strategic planning, performance measurement, and program execution. He has spent the past 15 years in the B2B technology space, in roles ranging from software development and support to research and consulting. Scott earned his BA in English and Philosophy from Clark University, his MBA from Boston University Graduate School of Management, and his JD from Boston University School of Law, where he served on the Executive Board of the Annual Review of Banking and Financial Law.

Payables 2018: Six Things To Watch

4-Jan-2018 | Scott Pezza

Now that we’ve closed out 2017 and are looking forward to a brand-new year, it’s helpful to take stock of where we’ve been and what we’d like to accomplish, and in doing so, be mindful of what

Enforcement: The Achilles Heel Of EU Late Payments Regulation

27-Jul-2017 | Scott Pezza

When discussing late payments in the B2B arena, we are referring to two separate yet related issues. The first is the ordinary meaning of “late,” meaning that buyers are paying some time after the


Will The Fed Doom Your Working Capital Program?

15-May-2017 | Scott Pezza

News of increasing interest rates has led to questions about what it might mean for both buyers and suppliers when it comes to the costs of borrowing and financing their businesses. One area where thi