Scott Maxwell

SaaS Market Domination: You’re Targeting Too Big Of A Market!

5-Jun-2013 | Scott Maxwell

The Ideal SaaS Market Size: Go Too Big and You’ll Fail Every expansion-stage SaaS company wants to dominate its market, but most founders don’t build and execute a market-dominating strategy. The

Customer Segmentation: What Is Customer Segmentation?

31-May-2013 | Scott Maxwell

At OpenView Venture Partners, we spend a lot of time working with our portfolio companies to help them focus on their best customer segments. This is the first step in creating a market dominating gro

SaaS Product Strategy: 11 Industry Trends That Can Help You Follow Wayne Gretzky’s Advice

31-May-2013 | Scott Maxwell

Follow these 11 industry trends to see “where the puck is going” and make sure your SaaS product strategy gets you there first. I wrote a post recently on the one and only law for SaaS. In it I

6 Business Principles I Learned From My Mom

20-May-2013 | Scott Maxwell

I've been reflecting recently on the advice, guidance, and modeling that I have learned from my mom. We all have learned great things from our mothers. Here are six business principles I have le

B2B Marketers: Your Marketing Wardrobe Needs an Update

2-May-2013 | Scott Maxwell

Many marketers need to face up to it — your marketing department is doing the same old stale marketing activities while the best marketers are producing stunning results. When you cut down to it, y

The One & Only Law For SaaS

The One & Only Law For SaaS

25-Apr-2013 | Scott Maxwell

I have been working with SaaS companies for almost a decade now and I continue to be surprised by the “rules” and “laws” that constrain them. I recently posted about Installed-Software-as-a-Se

Is Installed-Software-as-a-Service The Next Software Packaging?

Is Installed-Software-as-a-Service The Next Software Packaging?

22-Apr-2013 | Scott Maxwell

SaaS Solutions Coming to an Enterprise Cloud Near You I have recently noticed a few cloud application companies that are starting to port their solutions to multiple clouds — with Amazon, Rackspace

Why Your Company Should Make 2013 The Year of Leadership

Why Your Company Should Make 2013 The Year of Leadership

18-Apr-2013 | Scott Maxwell

Some people are born leaders. Others have to be taught how to lead. And others still are petrified by the idea of being the person in charge – they’d rather just be issued marching orders and aske

Board of Directors Dream Team: 7 Board Roles Every Expansion-Stage Company Needs

10-Jan-2013 | Scott Maxwell

About a year ago, I published a post on our Labs site that compared the brilliance of the NBA’s Dream Team (no, not the one that included LeBron James and Kobe Bryant last summer) to the management

The One Skill That All Great Managers Have

19-Nov-2012 | Scott Maxwell

What is the one skill that all great managers have? It’s simple, really. Great managers know how to do one or two things at a time, and keep all of their balls in the air while moving onto the n