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Improve Your Sales Forecast Predictability

Improve Your Sales Forecast Predictability

8-Mar-2013 | Savo Group

It’s the beginning of the month. Your VP asks to see a report of your current pipeline opportunities. Unfortunately, your sales pipeline consists of the same old deals from the previous quarter. The

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Knowledge Delivery: The Secret Sauce Of Sales Enablement

7-Feb-2013 | Savo Group

While many of the firms I speak to focus on sales effectiveness initiatives, few concentrate on sales enablement. So, when I begin a conversation with a financial firm, I often have to start by addre

Are Your Reps Using Their iPads In The Right Way?

3-Jan-2013 | Savo Group

The proliferation of iPads in the workplace – both personal and company issued – brings with it the promise for extreme efficiency and communication gains as well as new challenges. This is more s

Why You Should Differentiate Your Sales Process From CRM

18-Dec-2012 | Savo Group

I’d like to set the stage with a couple of definitions. A sales process can be described as a systematic sequence of actions that drive customer interactions and, ideally, optimize both sales execu

Why Sellers Should Follow A Consistent, Best Practices Sales Process

11-Dec-2012 | Savo Group

In a recent SAVO educational webinar titled “The View Beyond CRM: Reimagining Your Sales Process”, three out of four participants considered their CRM solution to double as their sales process. 

Three Imperatives For Successful Enterprise Collaboration For Sales

28-Nov-2012 | Savo Group

Purposeful collaboration is a key theme for enabling sales. Recently, several people within SAVO posted their thoughts on why this is true. Pat Viohl discussed the issue of the inertia in sales by

Do You REALLY Understand Your Sellers?

26-Nov-2012 | Savo Group

In a recent post, I discussed the concept of relevance and the impact it has on sales enablement. I further defined sales enablement relevance as the condition of connecting businesses ‘go-to-market