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Savita Raina

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Savita is the Sr. Product Marketing Manager for SAP Cloud Platform and has +10 years of direct work experience working in high tech industry. She has a diverse set of experiences that span from engineering design & product development to pre-sales, product and audience marketing functions. In prior roles at SAP she has been responsible for defining and delivering audience messaging, value proposition, and thought leadership content for the IT line-of-business. Prior to SAP, she has worked at Proofpoint, MKS Instruments and Oerlikon. She holds an MBA from Santa Clara University and MS in Electrical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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The Silver Lining Of The Rising Multi-Cloud Environment

22-Dec-2017 | Savita Raina

Digital disruption of every industry has reached a tipping point, where growth is measured by digitally enhanced offerings, operations, and customer relationships. The more companies fight to gain a f

omnichannel, B2B, customer service, digital transformation, digital business

Omnichannel Commerce A Must For Digital Business

28-Mar-2017 | Savita Raina

E-commerce has changed the fate of many B2C companies. Those that have adapted have thrived, while those that have not adjusted rapidly are no longer in existence. The Internet's growth disrupted a

artificial intelligence

How To Take AI From Tech Dream To Mainstream IT Opportunity In 2017

14-Mar-2017 | Savita Raina

Artificial intelligence (AI) has earned significant buzz over the last year. Across a wide range of sectors and geographies, established conglomerates, emerging startups, and everyone in between are f

How To Stop Insider Threats

29-Dec-2016 | Savita Raina

As digital innovators and business model and process disruptors, today’s CIOs have many critical areas of focus. The modern CIO needs to guide colleagues on how to leverage a full range of new tech

Digitalization Offers CIOs New Opportunity To Lead

27-Sep-2016 | Savita Raina

Digitalization is the single most talked-about topic among business leaders at all tech and non-tech companies—including small, midsized, and large companies, in all industries and all lines of