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The Future Of [Virtual] Education

What if education was only provided virtually? With over 40 percent of the world’s population having an Internet connection – a drastic increase from the less than one percent in 1995 –…
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Forget User Research – It’s A Waste Of Time

by Lucky Panchineela The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Bangalore had…
The Power Of Storytelling To Build Empathy

The Power Of Storytelling To Build Empathy

by Deepa Iyer A fundamental principle of Design Thinking is empathy – the ability to understand and share the

Innovating Along The Business Pyramid

By Marco Cigaina In my previous blog, I discussed about networks and how they are crucial for innovation  management; today I’d like to discuss about pyramids.Pyramids have been built by civilizations in…
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Your Choice: Fail Early Or Fail Big Time

by Gilles Atlan I read an article in Fast Company that explains how the car/battery-electric company Better Place, founded by Shai Agassi, crashed. I couldn’t help but think that it’s too bad they didn’t fail “correctly”….
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Take Your Best Practices And Shove It

by Jeremy Thomas  And while you’re at it you can do the same with so-called ‘use cases’! Okay now, let’s take a quick breath. This isn’t meant to say that best practices and use cases are worthless – in my world they…
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Does A Bottom-Up Approach To Innovation / Idea Management Really Work?

by Anna Stordahl  The black hole Many corporations have been ‘doing Idea Management’, or so they say, for years. It was in the form of the suggestion box near the vending machine or the cafeteria. Quickly the
Is Preventing User Error Possible? Yes, When You Have True Insight

Is Preventing User Error Possible? Yes, When You Have True Insight

By Sabine Benz Has the interest in the performance of people caught up, with simply tracking the performance of technology? The topic of user experience management and how it relates to improving…
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Giving Thanks For Mobile And Its Constant Change

by Bob Caswell For those of you in the United States, this is a special week. Thanksgiving is on Thursday and is a time for family, food, and self-reflection. It could just be that I’m overly anxious to enjoy this
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What Is Your Approach To Innovate Analytics In Your Business?

by Edwin van Geel, @edwin_van_geel Early September the Library of Birmingham reopened. And remarkably this was a huge event. Libraries you say? Do they still exist?…