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In 2015, Cloud Computing Trends Higher In Developing Countries

What is the most anticipated trend of 2015 that is expected to empower businesses? Here's a hint: Look to the cloud.
Smart Power With Gamification

Smart Power With Gamification

Consumers should be rewarded for off-peak electricity use. At least according to a team of students, who have developed an award-winning app to help. The post Smart Power with Gamification appeared first on

Top IT Trends For 2014

Security as a focus topic, agility, and more IT expertise among top management: An IT Trends study by IT service provider and SAP partner Capgemini points out what CIOs will have to expect in 2014.The post Top IT Trends...
Health And Safety At Work – The Global Trends

Health And Safety At Work – The Global Trends

At the HSSE & Loss Prevention Conference in Kuwait, Bernd Freibott, Director of the SAP Global Sustainability Services Hub, talks health and safety with ASSE President Kathy Seabrook...

The 5 Top Apps For February 2014

Scan a document, manage your appointments, or access your work computer from outside the office. This month’s top 5 apps...
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7 Ways To Benefit From Augmented Reality Devices

Computer wearables like Google Glass are getting an awful lot of attention from consumers. Approximately 10,000 people are testing early editions, often attracting attraction – some of it unwanted. It’s too early to gauge the impact that Google Glass...
World Economic Forum in Davos

Business Elite Meets Up In Davos

From January 22-25, the world looked to the sedate health resort in the Swiss Alps for answers. This was where the 44th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) took place. It brought together 2,500 representatives of business,...
The Phablet And Smartwatch Trend

The Phablet And Smartwatch Trend

Counting calories is a thing of the past. Today, a fitness monitor around your wrist does this job – as well as monitoring your heart rate when you’re out running. Throughout the world, users are showing a keen interest...
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IDC’s Top 10 Global IT Trends

Components of the “third platform” dominate the International Data Corporation (IDC) list of this year’s IT trends in almost every aspect. IDC analyst Frank Gens uses this term to describe an IT world built on mobile technology, cloud services,...
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Tablet Sales Set To Soar

Gartner’s market researchers forecast gigantic growth rates in several categories of mobile devices this year. The tablet market alone is set to grow 47% in 2014, Gartner says, citing lower retail prices as the main reason for the development....