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3 Ways Big Data Will Personalize Medicine

24-Apr-2015 | SAP Guest

by Jacqueline Prause, Senior Managing Editor, SAP News Services The definition of “healthcare” in recent years has expanded beyond referencing providers and hospitals to include pharma, insuranc

How Autism In The Workplace Transcends Charity

22-Apr-2015 | SAP Guest

By Sarah Harvey, Global Corporate Affairs Specialist, SAP Last week the United Nations celebrated World Autism Awareness Day by urging employers to hire individuals on the autism spectrum. The call t

3 Ways To Motivate Your Team In The Changing World Of Work

22-Apr-2015 | SAP Guest

By Mike Ettling, HR Line of Business, SAP As the pace of change accelerates across the workforce, there’s a significant need for leadership to step up. Yet as the “Workforce 2020” study from

The Journey to Business Simplification: How Technology Can Help Fix A Problem That It Helped Create

21-Apr-2015 | SAP Guest

by Markus Schwarz, SVP and General Manager, SAP Business Suite GTM Not too long ago, the workplace used to be about everyone being in the same office. There was a communal watercooler and coffee ma

3 Ways To Boost Content Performance And Win The Battle For Attention

2-Apr-2015 | SAP Guest

By Jung Suh, Vice President, Digital Channels, Integrated Digital Marketing, SAP Companies are now publishers, no longer dependent on major networks to get their stories out. But competition is fi

No Business Is An Island: New Study Reveals Collaboration Quandary

24-Feb-2015 | SAP Guest

by Ceylan Thomson, Business Networks Marketing, SAP Our economy is an intricate network of business processes and value chains that constantly cross  organizational boundaries. So it’s no surpri

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The Future Of Work: Will It Help – Or Hurt – Your Chances Of Engaging Retail Consumers?

24-Feb-2015 | SAP Guest

by Matt Laukaitis Technology innovation, when combined with changing consumer dynamics, has forever changed the nature of the relationship between retailers and the market. Because consumers are m

Why Tech Companies Should Stop Trying To Out-Innovate The Competition (And What They Should Focus On Instead)

18-Feb-2015 | SAP Guest

by Michael Klaes, Director, Solution Management, IBU High Tech at SAP A client had an interesting problem: They were experiencing a high rate of churn even though customers claimed to appreciate th

New Opportunities For Manufacturers In The Expanding Internet Of Things

5-Feb-2015 | SAP Guest

by Veronika Schmid-Lutz, SAP Chief Product Owner, Manufacturing The Internet of Things links physical objects with a virtual representation on the Internet using embedded sensors and/or actuators. Fi

The Smart Building: How IoT Will Reshape Real Estate Management

4-Feb-2015 | SAP Guest

by Michael Marcotte, Executive Solution Engineer at SAP America Real Estate and Construction Imagine working in a skyscraper that turns up the lights as you leave the elevator, perfectly adjusts te