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Ryan van Leent

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Ryan van Leent is a member of Global Solution Management for Public Sector at SAP. He is responsible for solutions that cover social protection, debt collection management, and fraud and compliance. Ryan is the author of the SAP reference architecture for the social protection industry solution and has a key role in defining the solution road map. He is an active member of the Institute for Digital Government at SAP and a frequent contributor to social media discussions on digital transformation and data-driven government practices.

Predictive analytics, machine learning, governments, customer service, customer experience, citizen services

Improving Customer Empathy With Machine Learning

13-Jun-2018 | Ryan van Leent

In a February 2018 interview, Liz Goli, Commissioner of Queensland’s Office of State Revenue (OSR), sat back in her chair: “The machine can actually improve our empathy with our customers,” she

Solving Wicked Problems With Predictive Analytics

7-Jun-2018 | Ryan van Leent

Before becoming Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence served as governor of the State of Indiana. He was sworn in on January 14, 2013, with several policy goals, including improving the heal

Predictive analytics, machine learning, real-time computing, governments, social issues, poverty

Emerging Technologies Enabling Data-Driven Policy And Practice

31-May-2018 | Ryan van Leent

In October 2017, the Melbourne Institute released findings of a working paper series on intergenerational disadvantage, which illustrates that young people are almost twice as likely to need social as