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Ramesh Ramakrishnan, a marketing and organisation culture enthusiast, is the Founder of RR Marketing Advisory and author of www.futuristCMO.com. He has held various leadership positions across EMEA marketing, 3rd party advisory and analyst relations in the enterprise Information technology products and services sector. Follow @Ramesh_Ramki on Twitter

The Future Of Banking And What It Means To Marketers

14-Nov-2013 | Ramesh Ramakrishnan

The banking industry is slowly and surely disrupting itself due to two key drivers – customer experience and social banking. Traditional banks with branches have been facing pressure from direct ban

The Future of Advertising: How 3 Dimensions Boost and Flatten It

29-Aug-2013 | Ramesh Ramakrishnan

Start-ups in the advertising industry are taking-on existing business models in a stealth mode – slowly and silently. Advertisers and the overall advertising industry are eagerly tapping into the o

Brands, Businesses, People Don’t Get Social Media Because It Gets Them

15-Aug-2013 | Ramesh Ramakrishnan

Some brands, businesses, people not only love Social Media but they thrive in it and others say they don’t get it or they don’t have time for it. The ones that thrive in Social media, enjoy and le

Innovation Is Not A Differentiator Anymore; Innovation Stickiness Is

18-Jun-2013 | Ramesh Ramakrishnan

Innovation is not a differentiator anymore; Innovation stickiness is. Connected customers in the information age with a ‘web of voices’ expect Innovation to be both faster and surer. For busine

Why You Need A Strategy That Is Social, Not A Social Media Strategy

11-Jun-2013 | Ramesh Ramakrishnan

Why You Need A Strategy That Is Social and not a Social Media Strategy Brands, big businesses, small businesses that are planning to move into the social media space have one big problem – they a

When It Comes To Business Models Retro Is The Future

11-Jun-2013 | Ramesh Ramakrishnan

Over centuries and decades, technological progress either built new business models or buried a few. Earlier, starting a business meant high entry barriers and a slow rate of change. Now the market is

Titanic, Icebergs And Network Leadership

5-Jun-2013 | Ramesh Ramakrishnan

The Need for Network Leadership  The movie Titanic left a lasting memory about ‘change’ in my mind. Though the Titanic accident happened over 100 years ago, the key message of change still rings

Programmatic Buying And Its Impact On Marketing

21-May-2013 | Ramesh Ramakrishnan

Programmatic Buying The future is bright, loud and fast! We know that the global audience is spending more time connected to digital media, hyper-communicating their likes, dislikes leading to too mu

Social Networking Could Have Saved Kodak

17-May-2013 | Ramesh Ramakrishnan

Thanks to social networking, the recent past witnessed hyper-communication in most of the fields with different ideas and views flowing through. We know that there are benefits of two-way or multi-way

Social CRM Transformation And The Path Ahead

Social CRM Transformation And The Path Ahead

1-May-2013 | Ramesh Ramakrishnan

The early days of experimenting with social media programs are over; the focus now is not only about fans and followers but also about customers and advocates. Leading companies are now embracing Soci