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Rob Glickman

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Rob Glickman is Vice President of Audience Marketing at SAP, where he leads a team chartered with the articulation of SAP’s point of view of the business value of Cloud computing both internally within SAP, as well as externally to customers, partners and influencers. He brings 20 years of marketing experience ranging from lean startups to large enterprises, including running Product Marketing for Symantec and seven years at eBay where he had various marketing leadership roles globally. A dual EU and US citizen with extensive international work and life experience, Rob has a BA from Skidmore College and an International MBA from Thunderbird Graduate School.

How IT Teams Can Stop Obstructing Digital Transformation

13-Jul-2017 | Rob Glickman

In every boardroom across the globe, digital transformation is a top agenda item. Company leaders might frame it as digital engagement, evolution in customer expectations, or seamless delivery of new

Blockchain: The CIO’s Next Big Bet For Digital Revolution

8-Mar-2017 | Rob Glickman

From a currency about nothing to a surging $18 billion market, bitcoin has captured the attention of economists and technology futurists since its inception in 2008. Amidst all of this attention, the

The CIO Dilemma Along The Digital Transformation Tightrope

6-Mar-2017 | Rob Glickman

As digital transformation continues to redefine business, the role of the CIO and the IT organization is experiencing nothing less than an identity crisis. It wasn’t long ago when Big Bang deploymen