Robert Keahey

About Robert Keahey

Robert Keahey is Partner and Founder of SummaLogic LLC, a business and IT consultancy specializing in strategy, marketing, product and business development across a variety of industry sectors. Robert brings to his clients a record of results-oriented innovation, industry insight, superior service delivery and operational know-how complemented by a variety of information technology industry experiences. He has a network into high level executives in the information technology sector and has partnered with industry leaders to develop innovative and disruptive capabilities. He has relationships with numerous venture capital firms and has evaluated, developed and helped accelerate the business plans of several of their portfolio companies. He is currently serving as Vice President, Business Development and Product Strategy for LAYERZngn, a leader in the emerging Software-Defined Networking market.

Context & The Future Cloud

29-Aug-2012 | Robert Keahey

Big Data is a big topic right now – and getting bigger. Forgive the not-so-subtle play on words. But as we are known to do in this industry, we often make big deals out of things. It’s probably

Cloud-Based Suites Versus Roll Your Own

27-Jul-2012 | Robert Keahey

Oh no. Here it is again; The religious debate over build versus buy, in-house versus third-party, one-stop shopping versus best of breed, and all the other dimensions of this age-old question. I’

The Cloud As A Strategic Weapon

19-Jul-2012 | Robert Keahey

Cloud computing is many things to many people. It has been hailed as a technological advancement. True, but it’s much more than just technology that makes the cloud disruptive. One of the key aspect