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Robin Meyerhoff has been at SAP for over 10 years. She started in product communications and has covered a variety of technologies and topics: analytics, mobile, databases, SAP HANA, cloud, sustainability and corporate social responsibility. She currently works within Global Corporate Affairs as a writer on the Content Team and focused on innovation.

Data Geeks Rewrite The Business Rules Playbook

13-Dec-2017 | Robin Meyerhoff

When it comes to digital business, Andrew McAfee knows a thing or two. A principal research scientist at MIT, prolific writer, and management expert, McAfee is a leader in understanding and explaining

Swiss Coalition Plans Green, IoT-Powered Cargo System

14-Sep-2017 | Robin Meyerhoff

“Switzerland is not famous for its big cities,” said Daniel Wiener, a board member of Cargo Sous Terrain, an organization that is developing an underground transportation and logistics system for

3D Printing Gives U.S. Manufacturer A Leg Up On Competitors

18-Jul-2017 | Robin Meyerhoff

You might not have heard of Jabil, but you have probably have a product made by the company that you use daily in your home or office. As one of the largest and most technologically advanced manufactu

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Going Digital? Five Things To Consider

16-May-2017 | Robin Meyerhoff

The world is going digital. Companies like Airbnb have shown that even the most staid, bricks-and-mortar industries can change almost overnight. A recent MIT Sloan and Deloitte survey found that nearl

Cashing In On Space Data [VIDEO]

8-Feb-2017 | Robin Meyerhoff

If you want to know what’s happening on Earth, the European Space Agency (ESA) has your back. Every day dozens of ESA satellites generate around ten terabyte of data. Billed as “Europe’s gateway

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Advice From An IoT Expert: Three Things You Need To Know

28-Sep-2016 | Robin Meyerhoff

In the race to go digital, most businesses today are considering Internet of Things projects. But there are still some key questions about impact, security, and value that are obstacles to adoption.

The Surprising Story Behind The World’s Fastest Developing Country [VIDEO]

5-Jul-2016 | Robin Meyerhoff

Let’s start with a short quiz. Which African country is the world’s fastest developing country according the UN’s Human Development Index – and has annual growth rates of about 8%? The second

Computers And The Tyranny Of The Present

19-Nov-2015 | Robin Meyerhoff

Ever heard of PCs? Mice? The Internet?  Well, Alan Kay is the man credited with inventing them. He spoke to a packed house at SAP Labs in Silicon Valley this week about approaching software design in