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Richard McLean

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Richard McLean, regional CFO for SAP Asia Pacific Japan, oversees all key finance and administrative functions for field and regional headquarters, supporting more than 16,000 employees. He has more than 20 years of experience in senior finance roles with leading global companies across a range of industries, including financial services, investment banking, automotive, and IT. He joined SAP in 2008.

SMB Innovation: Why Successful CFOs Are Endorsing A Digital Strategy

27-Mar-2017 | Richard McLean

Day by day, business is becoming increasingly digital. Within small and midsize businesses (SMBs), digital technology is accelerating finance cycle times, presenting instant insight into business data

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Machine Learning In Finance: 4 Ways CFOs Can Unlock Value

15-Mar-2017 | Richard McLean

Machine learning is shaping up to be the next major evolution in the transformation of finance. While the algorithms that enable machine learning have been around for decades, today’s increased comp

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Prioritizing The CFO’s To-Do List For 2017

3-Jan-2017 | Richard McLean

It’s that time of year when we start making plans for the new year. As I speak with fellow CFOs across industries and regions, some common themes emerge as top priorities on our to-do lists for 2017

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Future-Proofing Finance: Building An Award-Winning Talent Management Program

9-Dec-2016 | Richard McLean

As the role of finance undergoes transformation, the concept of future-proofing your career has become a hot topic. More and more finance functions are becoming automated, standardized, and migrated t

How CFOs Are Hedging Their Bets To Find Success In The Digital Era

17-Nov-2016 | Richard McLean

Any large, developed company is somewhat constrained by the success of its existing business. CFOs are asked to provide capital and funding for new initiatives and innovation – yet the pressure is o

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View From APJ: Burning Reasons For Big Changes In FP&A

12-Oct-2016 | Richard McLean

In my conversations with CFOs around the Asia/Pacific region, the need for finance to transform is a common theme. The growing digital economy, the accelerating pace of business, and the ease with whi

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Finance And Free Trade: Why Technology Is An Important Ally

20-Sep-2016 | Richard McLean

As the business environment becomes increasingly global, how can finance professionals seize opportunities and steer through the challenges that lie ahead? This topic was at the forefront of a pane

How Self-Service Access To A/R Data Helps Finance Teams Improve Cash Flow

14-Jul-2016 | Richard McLean

Every business, particularly in today’s complex and volatile operating environment, is focused on enhancing performance. Finance organizations are increasingly looked upon to help the company set an

Becoming A Champion Of Change: How CFOs Can Prepare For What Comes Next

29-Jun-2016 | Richard McLean

The digital economy is accelerating the pace of change in business faster than any other major economic event in history. To take advantage of this acceleration, we CFOs need to upskill, learn how to

T&E Flying Under The Radar? Why CFOs Should Simplify Compliance

18-May-2016 | Richard McLean

For companies today, improving business performance means running more efficiently and squeezing more output from existing resources. For CFOs, that means increasing transparency across your expense b