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Richard Barrett is a writer and commentator on finance, technology and business. A sales and marketing professional by training, Richard’s business life has been mainly spent helping entrepreneurs build their companies and realize their value.

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Research On Finance’s Adoption Of New Technology Is Crystal Clear

27-Nov-2013 | Richard Barrett

Findings from a survey reported recently showed that roughly half of senior finance executives in the U.S. said they wanted to beat their competitors by mastering Big Data, yet less than a quarter sai

How The Gen Y CFO Is Upsetting The Apple Cart In EPM

14-Nov-2013 | Richard Barrett

Last week, when addressing the Northern Virginia technology group, Bill McDermott, the co-CEO of SAP, said technology companies would do well to target the newly emerging Generation Y leaders, who ar

Why The New Breed Of CFO Will Own IT

8-Nov-2013 | Richard Barrett

The increasing number of CFOs and their peers from Generation X and Generation Y that are now heading up Finance functions are irked by poorly performing business systems that fall way short of the li

The New Breed Of CFO And How To Become One Yourself

7-Nov-2013 | Richard Barrett

"Stick close to your desks and never go to sea, And you all may be rulers of the Queen’s Navy" The chorus of Sir Joseph Porter’s Song above, taken from the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta H. M. S.

The CFO And The Multi-Generational Finance Team

6-Nov-2013 | Richard Barrett

Things are going change once the cream of Generation Y, (the ‘Millennials’), who were born between 1981–2005, have risen through the ranks of Finance and step into the CFO role. Generation X, th

Get Ahead: Build Your 2030 Finance Capabilities Today

24-Oct-2013 | Richard Barrett

I bet you don’t know what a ‘saggar-maker’s bottom knocker’ did for a living? And there’s really no need to know. But it was the unskilled person who worked alongside a more skilled ‘sagga

Filling The Gaps In Performance Management

16-Oct-2013 | Richard Barrett

by Malcolm Faulkner Why focus on strategic planning? Strategic planning is about setting a course for where stakeholders want the organization to head and describing in detail what needs to happen 

Why Finance Needs Predictive Analytics

11-Oct-2013 | Richard Barrett

A lot has been written about the use of predictive analytics; in sales and marketing to identify the basket of products the customers are most likely to buy based on their purchasing history; in maint

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The New Differentiators in Performance Management

3-Oct-2013 | Richard Barrett

Having had the pick of the plethora of independent vendors that used to populate the Enterprise Performance Management space, the three mega-vendors, IBM, Oracle and SAP, have all made acquisitions to

3 Ways to Achieve Superior Travel Spending Performance

30-Sep-2013 | Richard Barrett

Taking away with one hand, then giving back with the other is something I wrote about a few weeks back. Nowhere is this philosophy more prevalent that in travel expenses and according to the findings