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28 Dec 2014 --- Mixed race man walking in snowy forest --- Image by © Aliyev Alexei Sergeevich/Blend Images/Corbis

Snowstorms, Supply, And Demand

22-Jan-2016 | Richard Howells

As I watch the local weather reports about the nor’easter heading up the East Coast this weekend, it is quickly followed by news reports about shortages: bread shortages, water shortages, snow shove

Workers meeting among boxes on conveyor belts in distribution warehouse --- Image by © David Leahy/Juice Images/Corbis

Top 3 Drivers Of Supply Chain Transformation

20-Jan-2016 | Richard Howells

Manufacturing supply chains are experiencing levels of change heretofore unprecedented in their history, according to a recent IDC Manufacturing Insights white paper titled “The Extended Supply Chai

Portrait of multi racial friends --- Image by © Rana Faure/Corbis

How High Will Your Supply Chain Jump To Build Customer Centric Business Processes?

18-Jan-2016 | Richard Howells

The 21st century consumer is always on, always connected, and doesn’t make a move without consulting the Internet. The millennial generation is emerging as a major demand driver, with access to huge

Where Are The Use Cases For IoT In Your Operations?

3-Jul-2015 | Richard Howells

I previously discussed some of the business benefits that have been identified by business executives in a recently conducted survey. Here I will focus on some of the uses cases being deployed and co

Technology Trends 2015: Back To The Future?

20-Jan-2015 | Richard Howells

Over the holidays I watched Back to the Future II (or Back to the Future Eleven as my son thought) with my children. I forgot  the 1989 film sends Marty McFly and Doc Brown back (or is it forward?) t

Why Black Friday Starts On Thursday

26-Nov-2014 | Richard Howells

When Santa rides into Herald Square to end the 79th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, so begins the “most magical time of the year” for retailers. The period between Thanksgiving and Christ

Is Your Business Ready For The Internet Of Things?

21-Nov-2014 | Richard Howells

Today, there are more mobile devices than there are people on the planet. By 2020 it is estimated that there will be 2.5 billion connected people on social networks and they will be using or have acce

Is Halloween A Trick Or Treat For Your Business?

31-Oct-2014 | Richard Howells

As I walked around the local mall this weekend, I was shocked at all the different Halloween stores that have “popped up” over the past few weeks. They will also disappear (or turn into Christmas

The Network Effect

7-Oct-2014 | Richard Howells

By now most of you are LinkedIn with business contacts,” facebooking” with friends, and twittering to anybody who will listen to you (follow me @howellsrichard). I recently went to speak at a conf

3D Coming To A Space Station Near You

3-Oct-2014 | Richard Howells

Over the past few years, space has been brought to us via 3D movies such as Gravity, Star Trek and the Star Wars series. Now, this trend is reversed with 3D technology coming to the International Spa