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Richard Howells is a Vice President at SAP responsible for the positioning, messaging, AR , PR and go-to market activities for the SAP Supply Chain solutions.

How The World Is Changing, And How IoT Can Change The World

6-Apr-2017 | Richard Howells

In 2016, the world population surpassed 7.3 billion, meaning the number of people on Earth has doubled in the past 45 years. Furthermore, there’s no end insight to this rapid growth. In fact, it

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The Internet Of Things (IoT) For Business

4-Apr-2017 | Richard Howells

The massive numbers of connected things and the explosion of data generated by connected devices (“things”) has changed the way we do business forever. With the emergence of smart products, ass

How To Win With The Right People In Your Digital Supply Chain

8-Mar-2017 | Richard Howells

A digital supply chain (DSC) focused on customers can have a tremendous impact on an organization’s financial performance, helping to cut costs and boost revenue, according to a report last year fro

How Supply Chain Leaders Manage Resource Scarcity

21-Feb-2017 | Richard Howells

For 150 years, Nestlé has brought countless beloved brands into the lives of its consumers. Gerber, for instance, is the go-to solid food for parents with infants. Pet lovers depend upon Purina an

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5 Supply Chain And Digital Economy Myths Debunked

16-Feb-2017 | Richard Howells

The digital economy is presenting businesses with myriad opportunities. But to capitalize on these prospects, companies must be willing to adapt, particularly in regard to how they manage their existi

The Da Vinci Code To The Internet of Things (IoT)

10-Jan-2017 | Richard Howells

Over the holiday, I spent a great afternoon at the Boston Museum of Science, which is currently running an exhibition called “Da Vinci – The Genius.” The exhibition brings to life the genius of

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The Secret Of Santa’s Supply Chain

13-Dec-2016 | Richard Howells

We’re approaching the time when Santa – founder, chairman, and CEO of Santa Claus Toy Manufacturing and Distribution Corp. – manages to ship billions of toys in a single day, all with guarante

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7 Supply Chain Predictions For 2017

22-Nov-2016 | Richard Howells

Technology trends never proceed the way you expect them to – unless your expectations are tempered by experience. New technologies get the most press before they reach maturity, part of a phenomenon

What Is A ‘Live’ Supply Chain? 6 Traits You Need To Know

9-Nov-2016 | Richard Howells

We’ve been hearing a lot about “live” supply chains — digitized operations that run on real-time data. There’s good reason for this. Improved supply chain performance is a Top 3 priority

supply chain, digital transformation

Supply Chain Futurists Predict The Impact Of Digital Transformation

3-Nov-2016 | Richard Howells

Digitization isn’t merely a buzzword. The digital transformation of your business can have a serious impact on your organization – particularly as it applies to your supply chain operations. Fo