Richard Barrett

Why The New Breed Of CFO Will Own IT

16-Jan-2014 | Richard Barrett

The increasing number of chief financial officers (CFOs) and their peers from Generation X and Generation Y that are now heading up finance functions are irked by poorly performing business systems th

The New Breed Of CFO And How To Become One Yourself

4-Dec-2013 | Richard Barrett

"Stick close to your desks and never go to sea, And you all may be rulers of the Queen’s Navy" The chorus of “Sir Joseph Porter’s Song” above, taken from the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta

The CFO And The Challenges Of A Multi-Generational Finance Team

3-Dec-2013 | Richard Barrett

Things are going to change once the cream of Generation Y, (the ‘Millennials’), who were born between 1981–2005, have risen through the ranks of Finance and step into the CFO role. Generation X,


Is Cost Management Out Of Step With The Needs of Global Manufacturing?

20-Mar-2013 | Richard Barrett

Manufacturing has changed dramatically over the last 50 years with the de-industrialization of the west and a significant shift in production towards countries such as China and India. These were once

High Performance Companies

High Performance Companies ‘Thrive’ While Others ‘Survive’

22-Feb-2013 | Richard Barrett

To find out how some companies have thrived during the last five years of difficult trading conditions while other have simply languished, Ernst & Young commissioned a research project that during

Now It’s Internal Audits Turn to Add Value

31-May-2012 | Richard Barrett

Many years ago I once shared an office with group of high-testosterone young management accountants and a solitary middle-aged female internal auditor. She must have dreaded coming to work, not knowin