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Big Data

Why Big Data Is Getting The Bully Treatment

25-Feb-2013 | Ray Rivera

In the popular middle-grade novel, Blubber, author Judy Blume relates a truly heartbreaking story of a group of bored fifth graders suddenly taking to tormenting one of the girls in their class. I

Human Capital and Corporate Strategy

14-Feb-2013 | Ray Rivera

“So why should this organization invest in human capital?” Over the past two decades, HR executives and corporate strategists have been engaging more deeply. Yet when the conversation reaches the

What Data Science Can Do To Become A Classic

1-Feb-2013 | Ray Rivera

When I wrote “Data Science: Buyer Beware,” I was certainly not expecting a spirited, standing ovation, as would follow a Scriabin performance by Vladimir Horowitz. Despite presenting a sharply

Data Science: Buyer Beware

17-Jan-2013 | Ray Rivera

Any field of study followed by the word “science”, so goes the old wheeze, is not really a science, including computer science, climate science, police science, and investment science. And then t

Classic Rock, Analytics, And The On-Premise/Cloud Debate

16-Jan-2013 | Ray Rivera

Only the Velvet Underground could provide such bare contrasts between their world of lacerating noise and squalid cityscapes, and many of their peer musicians’ worlds of rainbows and escapist indulg

Do Analytics Make Us Smart Or Stupid?

3-Jan-2013 | Ray Rivera

“If television’s a babysitter, the Internet’s a drunk librarian who won’t shut up” -Dorothy Gambrill, Cat and Girl, 2005 As a youth I lived in a strict house, where television viewing wa