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Drive Continuous Improvement With The Power of WHY?

Drive Continuous Improvement With The Power of WHY?

Our company recently reiterated a standing challenge to all employees, to find new, innovative ways to drive continuous improvement in everything we do. The challenge prompted me to share a link to a visually compelling Slideshare by Bill DeRouchey titled “Power of...
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Neediest Industry Adopting Cloud Computing

A recent Cloud Computing survey of over 10,500 participants from 88 countries, highlighted the fact that Global NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) have similar reasons to other industries, for why they have or have not adopted Cloud Computing, and NGOs may...
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Future of Cloud Computing

For anyone looking for summary level insights and perspectives on Cloud Computing, the recently released North Bridge 2012 Future of Cloud Computing Survey results presentation, is another valuable source. The one caveat for its findings, is that although the...