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Bill Ward

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Bill Ward is the Senior Director of Scale & Enablement at SAP. His specialties include cross-functional team leadership, program management, business process, IT strategy and business intelligence.

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Monday Metric: Is There Power In The Cloud For Energy And Natural Resources?

15-Sep-2014 | Bill Ward

Creating and unlocking value in an organization starts with knowing precisely where things stand, and where the opportunities for improvement lie. To help, SAP’s Value Insights & Thought Leade

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The Impact Of Technology Convergence [INFOGRAPHIC]

6-Aug-2014 | Bill Ward

Apple is the master of consumer driven technology convergence. They were the first to release a cell phone with a multi-touch interface that combined multiple technologies and functions to eliminate t

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Understanding The Value Of Big Data [INFOGRAPHIC]

5-Aug-2014 | Bill Ward

Organizations are now faced with having to manage an incredible variety and volume of data coming from multiple sources and with great velocity. In effect, from a digital fire hose, wide open and shoo