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Paul Pallath

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Dr Paul Pallath is the Chief Data Scientist & Senior Director with the Advanced Analytics Organisation at SAP. With over 20 years of experience in Machine Learning, Paul has several research publications in the field of Machine Learning & Data Mining in International Journals and conferences and has also invented several patentable ideas.  He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Applications with Gold Medal, and PhD in Machine Learning, both from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.


Data – The Crude Oil Of The Digital World?

17-Jul-2017 | Paul Pallath

The digital economy spurred a move from a system of records to a system of intelligence. Every interaction that a human or machine has with the digital world leaves behind a trace. This digital footpr

Is Your Machine-Learning Implementation Debt-Free?

16-Aug-2016 | Paul Pallath

Debt of any kind—if not addressed—is a time bomb waiting to explode. We can easily relate to this with reference to finance. The comparison between technical complexity and debt was first drawn

The Time To Change Is Now

28-Apr-2016 | Paul Pallath

The world is speeding at a significant pace toward a major revolution—the data-driven economy.  Several data-driven startups in the last decade have become large corporations (Google, Facebook, Twi

What Should You Consider When Embarking On An Advanced Analytics Journey?

1-Mar-2016 | Paul Pallath

In last week’s Predictive blog, I introduced four main considerations that organizations need to keep in mind when they’re beginning that journey. Today I’ll cover them in more detail. 1. How

Are You Planning To Embark On An Advanced Analytics Journey?

19-Feb-2016 | Paul Pallath

Welcome to the new world! The manner in which data is generated and captured today has come of age. Traditionally the most common way of generating data from B2C/B2B2C business processes was by having