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Paul Clark is the Senior Director of Technology Partner Marketing at SAP. He is responsible for developing and executing partner marketing strategies, activities, and programs in joint go-to-market plans with global technology partners. The goal is to increase opportunities, pipeline, and revenue through demand generation via SAP's global and local partner ecosystems.


Five Real Business Uses Of The Internet Of Things

8-May-2017 | Paul Clark

Exciting as the topic is, many of us struggle to articulate real business applications that the Internet of Things (IoT) can be used for. What we need are a few simple, memorable examples, and recentl

The Secret To dōTERRA’s Supply Chain Success

16-Mar-2017 | Paul Clark

To say essential oils company dōTERRA is growing fast would be an understatement. Seven months after its founding in May 2008, the company reached $1 million in sales. The following year, the compa

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The Big Data Influence In The Pharmaceutical Industry

10-Nov-2016 | Paul Clark

Technology is disrupting the healthcare industry just like many other sectors these days, but one particular aspect of healthcare is benefiting from some high-tech side effects. Pharmaceutical comp

personalized medicine, EHR, Big Data, patient portals, health apps

Medicine As Personalized As Your Fingerprint

10-Oct-2016 | Paul Clark

Every individual is different, and yet medication dosages have historically been based on an average of averages. That’s slowly starting to change thanks to advancements in technology. Today, the

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The Promise Of Real-Time Health Systems

22-Sep-2016 | Paul Clark

Wearable technology is showing immense promise in the evolving healthcare industry. One aspect quickly being transformed by technology is a patient’s personal health record. Current electronic healt

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What Is The Key To Rapid Innovation In Healthcare?

17-Aug-2016 | Paul Clark

Healthcare technology has already made incredible advancements, but digital transformation of the healthcare industry is still considered in its infancy. According to the SAP eBook, Connected Care: Th

Big Data Challenges With Connected Healthcare

26-Jul-2016 | Paul Clark

Wearable technology and 24-hour healthcare monitoring using the Internet of Things (IoT) is causing an explosion in biometric data. This information can be combined with genetic data, clinical medicin

Can Wearable Technology Improve Your Health?

20-Jul-2016 | Paul Clark

Wearable devices that monitor and transmit personal activity or medical data are driving a revolution in connected healthcare. These devices – often called wearables – range from fitness trackers

Do Doctors Really Know Best?

12-Jul-2016 | Paul Clark

Technology is changing the way healthcare is done. While some patients may remain more comfortable with the traditional model of patient-doctor communications, in which “doctor knows best” and

The Future Of Healthcare: Payment Or Prevention?

5-Jul-2016 | Paul Clark

Traditional healthcare models are under pressure on a global scale. In the industrialized world, aging populations and chronic diseases have caused soaring treatment costs, triggering governments to i