Patricia Saporito

BI Self-Service: Out Of The Shadow And Into The Limelight

16-Sep-2014 | Patricia Saporito

A key issue that arises in nearly every business intelligence (BI) strategy assessment workshop I’ve conducted is “Shadow BI,” or decentralized and mostly unguided user development. Shadow BI is

Upping Your Analytics IQ

12-Jun-2014 | Patricia Saporito

As the data explosion and technology disruptions continue and analytics become pervasive in every job, many organizations are reviewing analytic skills and aptitudes in new hires. They‘re also looki

2 More Big Data V’s — Value And Veracity

23-Jan-2014 | Patricia Saporito

A lot has been written on the 3 V’s of Big Data – Volume, Variety, and Velocity. Yet there are two more equally, and perhaps even more important, attributes to consider – Value (business value t

Your BICC Is the Glue that Holds Business and Technology Together

6-Dec-2013 | Patricia Saporito

As I described in my first blog in this series, a business intelligence competency center (BICC) is critical to the success of an organization’s analytics. They are chartered to align business-driv

Business Intelligence Competency Center: A Key Element Of Your BI Program

8-Nov-2013 | Patricia Saporito

In my last blog, I discussed the importance of Business Intelligence Competency Center for any organization working on taking its BI program to the highest level of competency. In this edition, I

Business Intelligence Strategy: BI Competency Centers Take Center Stage… Again!

31-Jul-2013 | Patricia Saporito

As data grows in size and complexity and organizations struggle to meet the ever-increasing demand for analytics, BI Competency Centers (BICCs) are in the spotlight, once more. Ironically, despite the

Data To Decision: Big Insights Vs. Big Data

7-May-2013 | Patricia Saporito

Everyone is talking about “Big Data,” but what they really want are “Big Insights.” To realize significant insights requires an effective analytic strategy. Many companies believe they have

intelligent enterprise

Designing The Intelligent Enterprise

4-Mar-2013 | Patricia Saporito

What makes an Intelligent Enterprise? Organizations are jumping on the big data bandwagon—but all too often, the driver is performance and the platform. Even though both are important, starting the

Data Discovery: A Key Tool For Big Data Insights

6-Aug-2012 | Patricia Saporito

As data volumes and varieties grow, more organizations are looking for ways to get value out of their big data. Data discovery, an advanced analytic capability, allows business analysts to discover

Insuring ROI on Big Data

24-Apr-2012 | Patricia Saporito

Big Data? Big Dollars! Insight: Managing huge repositories of data may come at a cost but offers carriers a tremendous payback. Data is growing at unprecedented rates. Data on customers, producers