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Pat Bakey is the president of Industry Cloud for SAP. He is responsible for the industry cloud footprint, which covers 25 industries globally, the finance and extended supply chain lines of business and the go-to-market execution of SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (SAP S/4HANA). By offering prescriptive cloud road maps by industry and lines of business, the Industry Cloud organization serves every customer in every cloud model (private, public, and hybrid), for any business size, anywhere in the world, enabling SAP’s customers to approach their digital transformation through an industry lens.

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The Cloud Powers Innovation For Industry Leaders – From Automotive To Retail

19-Jun-2017 | Pat Bakey

The need for speed has trumped the need for a picture-perfect IT environment; iterative design is now a premium. As a result of this shift, the cloud has soared and become the centerpiece for digital

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Can Automakers Monetize And Remain Competitive In The Era Of Uber?

22-Feb-2017 | Pat Bakey

The automotive industry has largely adopted predictive analytics, IoT, and artificial intelligence in its manufacturing operations, but increasing competition has forced auto companies to think outsid

Smarter Collaboration For Smarter Cities

13-Feb-2017 | Pat Bakey

Advancements in analytics and artificial intelligence have allowed cities to become more efficient and autonomous than ever. As a result, the concept of a “smart city” has transformed from simple

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Turning The Internet Of Things Into An Internet Of Outcomes

14-Dec-2016 | Pat Bakey

Over the next five years, it is estimated that businesses will collectively spend nearly $6 trillion on IoT solutions, and all signs point to this figure rising. The reason? IoT technology provides a

How Blockchain Is Reshaping Business

8-Nov-2016 | Pat Bakey

Historically, the world’s pioneers of tech have always faced some form of resistance to their innovations. In fact, the reluctance of an industry to adopt a new, untested technology is to be expecte

It Takes A World: Bringing New Educational Opportunities To Rwandan Youth

27-Jun-2016 | Pat Bakey

There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing the awe of children when they open up a computer for the first time. What a thrill it is to see their eyes light up as they eagerly learn skills which c

SAP And Apple Co-Innovate To Revolutionize Mobile Business Apps

9-May-2016 | Pat Bakey

Recently, SAP has announced an exciting partnership with Apple to drive stronger co-innovation in enterprise mobile apps. The companies are working to transform the mobile work experience for enterpri

Working And Leading With Purpose

28-Apr-2016 | Pat Bakey

In my meetings with business leaders from around the world, I’m always fascinated to see different leadership styles. Traditional militaristic, hierarchical structures with direct reporting relation

Disruption Paves The Way For Change

21-Mar-2016 | Pat Bakey

Disruption is everywhere. From new digital business models and hyperconnectivity to the sharing economy, almost every industry is experiencing radical change. In the past, organizations could adapt fa

Making Innovation Work For You

11-Mar-2016 | Pat Bakey

As part of our 2016 kickoff activities, I recently completed a little tour around the globe. Travel always provides new perspectives, but on this trip I was especially taken by the many examples I saw