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Nilly Essaides is senior research director, Finance & EPM Advisory Practice at The Hackett Group. Nilly is a thought leader and frequent speaker and meeting facilitator at industry events, the author of multiple in-depth guides on financial planning & analysis topics, as well as monthly articles and numerous blogs. She was formerly director and practice lead of Financial Planning & Analysis at the Association for Financial Professionals, and managing director at the NeuGroup, where she co-led the company’s successful peer group business. Nilly also co-authored a book about knowledge management and how to transfer best practices with the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC).

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Top Finance Performers Forge Ahead To Digitize Repetitive Processes And Improve Analytics

12-Dec-2017 | Nilly Essaides

Our data shows that there’s still a big gap between the expected impact of digital transformation and finance's level of readiness. But top-performing finance organizations are not waiting around un

Planning Process Red Flags – And How CFOs Can Fix Them

1-Nov-2017 | Nilly Essaides

To compete in today’s fast-changing business environment, companies need competitive strategies. And competitive strategies are supported by robust planning. Formulating those plans was the number-o

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Analytics And BI: Centralize? Decentralize? Both!

4-Oct-2017 | Nilly Essaides

The analytics delivery model is changing. Delivering insight through advanced analytics is a critical capability for any enterprise. Without insight, companies can’t make smart decisions about ho

Technology Makes Finance A Better Business Partner

18-Sep-2017 | Nilly Essaides

Think technology is taking the human factor out of finance? Think again. When finance embraces technologies, it only becomes a better business partner. Finance organizations that rank higher on a tech

Digital Tools Can Close The Order Management Performance Gap

7-Aug-2017 | Nilly Essaides

Automation makes a big difference in the performance of the order-management process. Companies that manually input most of their orders take longer, spend more, and have more errors. The Hackett Grou

Finance’s Mandate: Get More Engaged, Earlier, In Cybersecurity

17-Jul-2017 | Nilly Essaides

The prosperity and growth of the digital economy rely on cybersecurity. Every day brings another horror story. But a lot of these stories seem to be about the theft of personal information, like socia

The Promise Of Digital Finance: A New Level Of Performance

27-Jun-2017 | Nilly Essaides

World-class finance organizations outperform more typical peers on two important dimensions: They are more efficient and do their work faster at less cost, and they are more effective at delivering se

Tetra Pak: Master Data Is A Corporate Asset

6-Jun-2017 | Nilly Essaides

In 2014, Jeff DeWolf of Tetra Pak put master data management (MDM) near the top of management’s priority list by treating it as a corporate asset. As the company’s director of global master data s

How Digitization Can Help Optimize The Account-To-Report Process

8-May-2017 | Nilly Essaides

There’s a lot that account-to-report (A2R) organizations can do right now to optimize the way they deliver services to stakeholders by standardizing, automating, and centralizing processes and sub-p

Pella Windows: Taking Small Steps Toward Big Data

2-May-2017 | Nilly Essaides

Everyone knows it’s not easy to get management support for Big Data projects. The ROI can be soft and the payoff long term. One way to get senior leadership buy-in is to frame the conversation in te