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Nilly Essaides is senior research director, Finance & EPM Advisory Practice at The Hackett Group. Nilly is a thought leader and frequent speaker and meeting facilitator at industry events, the author of multiple in-depth guides on financial planning & analysis topics, as well as monthly articles and numerous blogs. She was formerly director and practice lead of Financial Planning & Analysis at the Association for Financial Professionals, and managing director at the NeuGroup, where she co-led the company’s successful peer group business. Nilly also co-authored a book about knowledge management and how to transfer best practices with the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC).

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Using Digital Tools To Enhance Finance Agility

10-Apr-2017 | Nilly Essaides

In times of great uncertainty, one of the most effective qualities of the finance organization is agility. Agility means being able to sync up the pace of internal change with that of the external env

Why CFOs Must Become Digitally Savvy

9-Mar-2017 | Nilly Essaides

Digital transformation is all around us. New technologies are revolutionizing how companies do business and engage with customers. They are also changing the way finance delivers services to its inter

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Closing The Gap In Finance’s Digital Execution Capabilities

8-Feb-2017 | Nilly Essaides

Is finance ready for digital transformation? The answer is no, according to the results of The Hackett Group 2017 Key Issues Study. The study respondents expressed nearly universal agreement that dig

Start Preparing Your Talent Now For Digital Transformation

5-Jan-2017 | Nilly Essaides

There’s a big gap between what finance executives say they expect digitization will mean to their companies in general, and their finance functions specifically, and what they’re planning to do to

Closing The Technology Gap In FP&A

10-Oct-2016 | Nilly Essaides

Despite the proliferation of new cloud solutions and growing talk of predictive analytics and big data, there’s still a significant gap between where financial planning and analysis (FP&A) organ

digital transformation, digitization, digitalization, innovation technology

Reaching An Analytics Inflection Point: It’s About Profitability

13-Sep-2016 | Nilly Essaides

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is becoming the analytics hub of the business. Situated in the central point of the organization, it has access to data from multiple sources and can view, a

Building A Business Case For Financial Transformation

11-Aug-2016 | Nilly Essaides

There’s constant pressure on the CFO from the CEO to do better—to innovate, and to transform the finance organization into both a leaner and a more forward-looking analytics hub that provides insi

Five Ways FP&A Can Combat Competitive Threats

20-Jul-2016 | Nilly Essaides

Nearly all companies today are facing competitive disruption—often of the digital nature. Think brick-and-mortar retailers, the auto industry (driverless cars), and photography. Some threats are pre

10 Benefits Of Driver-Based Modeling

20-Jun-2016 | Nilly Essaides

Facing greater market volatility, a fast-changing business environment, and a constant push from senior management to improve the planning process, more financial planning and analysis (FP&A) team

Selling FP&A To Millennials: Memo To Finance Chiefs

10-May-2016 | Nilly Essaides

Finance needs to make itself attractive to millennials. By 2020, millennials will make up a significant part of the workforce, and CFOs are already feeling the impact. According to Ajit Kambil, global