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Nicole Sharon Schultz

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Nicole Sharon Schultz is a specialist in robotic process automation (RPA) at BlackLine. She has been immersed in RPA since moving from the Midwest to The Netherlands almost three years ago. She was responsible for creating and building the user resource platform for BlackLine Smart Close, which embeds RPA into record-to-report activities in SAP software. As an American working in Europe, Nicole sees RPA in action from a unique perspective: as a way for finance to work smarter, bridging the gap between the aspirations of the C-Suite and what can actually be accomplished, given the limitations placed on most finance departments. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Artificial Intelligence: Is It Smart To Be Dumb?

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CFO’s Guide To Strategic Investing In Technology

2-Nov-2017 | Nicole Sharon Schultz

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5 RPA Myths Exposed

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The Hidden Value Of RPA For Finance

20-Jun-2017 | Nicole Sharon Schultz

There's a lot of excitement around improving robotic process automation (RPA) technology and what it's bringing to finance departments. Report after report shows the value RPA can deliver, with much o