Nicole Kealey

How CFOs Are Revealing The Deeper Benefits Of The Cloud

17-Apr-2017 | Nicole Kealey

Is your organization still mired in the common myths about cloud adoption? If so, it’s time to bring some clarity to the finance office. New business realities are shifting the goals of the finan

The New Face Of Risk And Finance In Insurance

12-Nov-2015 | Nicole Kealey

The insurance industry is reaching a tipping point. With new technologies like connected cars entering the scene and a more informed consumer marketplace, risk and finance professionals in the insuran

How Can Banks Remain Competitive In The Digital Age?

5-Jun-2015 | Nicole Kealey

The digital world and need for connectivity show no signs of slowing down, forcing banks and financial institutions to take a more proactive approach to stay relevant and meet consumer demand. As the

customer at a bank branch

What Makes a Bank “Good” In Today’s World?

21-May-2015 | Nicole Kealey

In the midst of economic change and mass technology adoption, financial institutions are entering a “reputation economy” in which their reputation and trustworthiness often matter just as much as

Modern Makeover: Omnichannel Platforms Give Banks Fresh Appeal

4-Mar-2015 | Nicole Kealey

As consumers become more sophisticated about using digital technology to do their banking in 2015, banks will have to work harder to provide them with the personal banking services that they have trad

Banking Trust: Fragile, Fleeting, And Dearer Than Gold

26-Feb-2015 | Nicole Kealey

In the years immediately following the global financial crisis, banks have justifiably been focused on restoring consumer confidence and building loyalty. Today, banks should take those efforts a step

Two thumbs of female hands typing on a smartphone

Consumers Bank On Smartphones: Federal Reserve [INFOGRAPHIC]

13-Feb-2015 | Nicole Kealey

Mobile banking has reached a tipping point in the United States. With each year that passes, more Americans are replacing their old cell phones and getting smartphones, and when they do, they’re mor

BYOD security

The Value Waiting In The Cloud

15-Apr-2014 | Nicole Kealey

By moving services into the cloud, businesses have enabled disparate divisions to examine, amend and respond to a single set of data, eliminating redundancies and inaccuracies, and develop and scale s

Why 2014 Is The Year Of Value For Banks

6-Mar-2014 | Nicole Kealey

With banks under pressure to perform safely and transparently, value is at a premium. What are some of the key ways they can unlock it?  For banking, the overarching theme for 2014 looks set be va

digital banking

Digital Banking Comes Of Age [VIDEO]

17-Feb-2014 | Nicole Kealey

To succeed in today’s banking environment, banks need an innovative digital banking strategy that supports an omnichannel approach to attracting and keeping customers. The typical retail bank custom