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Nick Robinson is a Social Media Manager at SAP. He has a strong background in web development, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

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5 Fascinating Trends Shaping The Creator Economy [PODCAST]

4-Mar-2015 | Nick Robinson

If you’re on the go or multi-tasking, no worries. Just click play below and listen at your leisure via desktop or mobile device. If you prefer to read, I also have you covered below the audio player


The Difference Between Social Selling And Social Business [VIDEO]

17-Feb-2015 | Nick Robinson

If you’re on the go, no worries. Just click play below and listen at your leisure via mobile device. If you prefer to read, I also have you covered below the audio player. Have fun! I often h

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2014: Best Year Of My Life [VIDEO]

31-Dec-2014 | Nick Robinson

I know. The title appears to be my attempt at click bait. But it’s the truth, and I want you to discover why (and there are some life lessons in here too). To begin, I am the happiest I’ve ever

b2b marketers writes content

B2B Marketers, Stop Creating Content. Seriously. [SLIDESHARE]

28-Oct-2014 | Nick Robinson

The research backs up the title. According to Content Marketing Institute, 76% of B2B enterprise marketers said they are creating more content than last year, which is great! Er, wait, is this good o

Why Aren’t Marketers Accomplishing Customer Centricity?

25-Sep-2014 | Nick Robinson

“If you pretend to be good, the world takes you very seriously. If you pretend to be bad, it doesn't. Such is the astounding stupidity of optimism.”—Oscar Wilde Optimism, or at least the outw


Email Not Working? Try This Online Advertising Tactic

8-Aug-2014 | Nick Robinson

I’m starting to see it more and more, and I’m pretty sure you can guess what I’ll say, but here it goes… E-mail just isn’t producing the type of results it used to. According to Multimind

data-driven retail

Data-Driven Retail Delivers Better Customer Experiences

23-Apr-2014 | Nick Robinson

Unlike in boxing, in which the best winning strategy is to wear down your opponent over 12 rounds rather than rely on a single knockout punch, in retail, the winners are those organizations that are r

omnichannel urgency

Omnichannel Urgency: Retail At The Customer Experience Tipping Point

21-Apr-2014 | Nick Robinson

This is today’s retail reality: 79% of consumers spend at least 50% of total shopping time researching products online 82% of consumers will substitute and switch brands due to an out-of-s

Government Leaders Agree: Going Mobile Is A Smart Move

12-Feb-2014 | Nick Robinson

Mobile government is on a roll. Around the world, public sector organizations are putting enterprise mobility to work – and reporting big benefits. From public safety and healthcare to social servic

Working Smarter In Aerospace And Defense Boosts Productivity

10-Feb-2014 | Nick Robinson

With budget cuts, a looming debt ceiling, and sequestration, few may have predicted the stunning stock market performance of the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry in 2013. Despite that success,