Nick Petri

Venture Capital Is Swimming Upstream: Why?

13-Nov-2013 | Nick Petri

A few days ago, Pitchbook released their Q4 valuation and trends report. While  the quarterly data is always a bit noisy, there’s one long-term trend I find especially interesting: On the who

Your B2B Product Is Boring, But Your Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be

7-Nov-2013 | Nick Petri

Lets face it, a lot of B2B tech products are just kind of boring. No matter how successful your WAN optimizer is, your friends will never want to use it in their spare time. You’ll never be the l

The Data Janitor’s Guide To Excel

30-Oct-2013 | Nick Petri

In most business settings, Microsoft Excel is the format of choice when data changes hands. Here at OpenView, we send and receive Excel files every day. The spreadsheets may contain financial data fr

Should Your VC Be Your Friend?

25-Oct-2013 | Nick Petri

A few days ago, the partners at Foundry Group dropped their second music video, The Worst of Times. The video is a fun satire directed at the woes of modern technology, and pokes fun at a lot of thing

Blurred Lines in the IT Channel: The Difference Between a VAR and a MSP

30-Sep-2013 | Nick Petri

If you’ve worked in business-to-business (B2B) software for any amount of time, chances are you’ve crossed paths with the IT channel. The reseller channel is extremely important in B2B tech, both

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How Instructure’s Walking Dead MOOC Went Viral

16-Sep-2013 | Nick Petri

Unlike zombie outbreaks, which generally spread whether you want them to or not, B2B marketing campaigns don’t typically go viral. So when one of our portfolio companies, Instructure, had a story bl

Moore’s Law Is Coming to an End: So What?

10-Sep-2013 | Nick Petri

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already heard of Moore’s law, the observation that every two years, the number of transistors we’re able to fit on a given silicon chip doubles. This al

Carl Icahn’s 20 Billion Dollar Tweet and Reg FD

26-Aug-2013 | Nick Petri

When the SEC drew up Regulation Full Disclosure (Reg FD) more than a decade ago, they did so without knowing what Twitter was, why Carl Icahn would ever use it, or how a single 140-character Tweet cou

SEO: Are You Really as Good as You Think You Are?

19-Aug-2013 | Nick Petri

Since search engines became a viable marketing channel two decades ago, the SEO and SEM industries have ramped up accordingly to conquer them. A great deal of emphasis is placed, with good reason, on

Are You Ready For The iWatch Gold Rush? 4 Questions To Ask

17-Jul-2013 | Nick Petri

Impending Introduction of the iWatch In the six or so years since the iPhone was first introduced, consumers have spent roughly$50 billion dollars on mobile applications, and more than half of that