Nicholas Carlson

Business Intelligence: How Are People Shopping With Smartphones?

7-Mar-2013 | Nicholas Carlson

People are using smartphones to buy things. Lot of things. $25 billion worth of things in Europe and the US. By 2015, it'll be $65 billion worth of things. Here's a chart from Business Ins

Which Gadget At Work Should You Worry About?

18-Jan-2013 | Nicholas Carlson

You've heard about the huge "bring your own device" trend that's taking over enterprise IT. It's not going away. According to a CDW study, 94 percent of workers say their own gadgets make them m

Ready To Download Your Next Pair Of Shoes? How 3D Printing Is Turning Bits Into Atoms

4-Dec-2012 | Nicholas Carlson

Remember how, in "Star Trek," Captain Picard could tell a computer "tea, Earl Grey, hot" and, voilà, out of thin air, a hot, Early Grey tea would appear on a tray? That computer was called a Repli