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Neil McGovern

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Neil McGovern is a Senior Director of Marketing, Capital Markets, at SAP. Drawing on his 25+ years of experience in the software industry, Neil is responsible for product marketing for SAP Internet of Things strategy, and the SAP HANA platform. In addition, Neil focuses on high performance analytics for risk, trading, and compliance and has presented at conferences around the world on the latest trends and technologies required for cutting edge performance in capital markets. Prior to Sybase, Neil was VP of Engineering at New Era of Networks,= and CTO of Convoy Corporation, where he was a pioneer in the enterprise application integration market. Neil has a degree in Computer Science and an MBA.

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Agility, Growth, And The Data Warehouse

7-Sep-2016 | Neil McGovern

Increasingly sophisticated and demanding customers are driving businesses to evolve agile, Big Data-friendly data warehousing and analytics environments. Businesses are learning that being agile is no

3 Reasons Data Warehouses Are Moving To The Cloud

30-Aug-2016 | Neil McGovern

Research shows that as many as one-third of businesses that use a data warehousing solution have migrated to the cloud (or built their data warehouse in the cloud it to begin with). Cloud-based data w

Why Moving To The Cloud Is Essential For Driving Business Growth

17-Dec-2015 | Neil McGovern

As cloud adoption spreads, the demand for cloud-based analytics is following suit. But the cloud is still viewed with suspicion by some IT leaders. Here, we look at some of the findings of our recent

Internet Of Things: Boring May Be Best

3-Dec-2013 | Neil McGovern

The Internet of Things is set to be one of the most talked about technology initiatives of 2014, and there is lots of "Wow!" factor out there about the number of devices, the way the world is going to

Internet Of Things – Standards Required

17-Oct-2013 | Neil McGovern

The human world consists of many different languages, with a few languages that are considered "lingua franca" such as English (currently the most popular), French (from where the phrase originated),

The Doctor Looking Over Your Shoulder

15-Oct-2013 | Neil McGovern

The potential for rugged sensors that can measure your temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood chemistry on a continual basis has some interesting potential. We saw last year that implantab

Ready For The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)? The Industry Thinks So

7-May-2012 | Neil McGovern

Some welcome good news for financial institutions came out in April's "Building a Data Management Foundaton" webcast. Most respondents (80%) felt that their current data management systems are in good

Dodd-Frank and Volcker Rule Off Target

17-Apr-2012 | Neil McGovern

“During the recent crisis, we had a number of powers that might have been used on too-big-to-fail institutions,” Esther George said at the Hyman P. Minsky Conference in New York on Wednesday. “B