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Internet Of Things: Boring May Be Best

The Internet of Things is set to be one of the most talked about technology initiatives of 2014, and there is lots of “Wow!” factor out there about…
dictionary for the language of the Internet of Things

Internet Of Things – Standards Required

The human world consists of many different languages, with a few languages that are considered “lingua franca” such as English (currently the most popular), French (from where the phrase originated), Chinese, and Spanish. There are
man uses mobile blood glucose meter

The Doctor Looking Over Your Shoulder

The potential for rugged sensors that can measure your temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood chemistry on a continual basis has some interesting potential. We saw last year

Ready For The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)? The Industry Thinks So

Some welcome good news for financial institutions came out in April’s “Building a Data Management Foundaton” webcast. Most respondents (80%) felt that their current data management systems are in good shape for future regulatory requirements. These regulatory requirements include…

Dodd-Frank and Volcker Rule Off Target

“During the recent crisis, we had a number of powers that might have been used on too-big-to-fail institutions,” Esther George said at the Hyman P. Minsky Conference in New York on Wednesday. “But were not employed to any…

High Frequency Trading – Still Contentious

TradeTech last week in New York was one of the best yet. David Leinweber started off the proceedings at the not-so-subway-accessible Javits Center, and if you haven’t seen David’s talk about his research at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory…

More Thoughts on Big Data

Capital markets firms are increasing motivated to mine more and more data. So a question about the spread of data caught my attention a couple of weeks ago: Would different groups within an organization collecting as much data as…

A Chicken in Every Pot, a Car in Every Garage … Hadoop on Every Desktop?

Herbert Hoover aimed to win the U.S. presidency in 1928 by promising prosperity with slogans such as “a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage.” One wonders why houses had garages before cars were ubiquitous, of…