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Nancy Q. Martin

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Nancy Q. Martin is the Senior Director, Sales Enablement, at SAP. She is responsible for enablement of new sales employees in North America want to ramp up quickly and close that first deal quickly.

Russian Railways Transformation Journey

11-Oct-2012 | Nancy Q. Martin

RZD Achieves 2x Faster Planning Cycle, 60% Fewer Errors  In addition to tourism, much of the Russian economy relies on an efficient train system – over the past 3 years, approximately 2.4% of th

healthcare workers

McKesson Strives for Zero Errors To Patients With New Data Management Approach

24-Sep-2012 | Nancy Q. Martin

If you have been treated for an illness in a hospital or been prescribed a medication in the USA, chances are you were an end customer of McKesson's. At 175 years old, McKesson is the oldest and la

Do You Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Spreadsheets?

19-Sep-2012 | Nancy Q. Martin

Personally, I avoid spreadsheets. Well I try, but somehow one always creeps back into my daily work. As a writer, I’m drawn to words not numbers. I envy people who can both write artfully and do mat

Radisys Improves Supply Chain Response Time Over 20%

18-Sep-2012 | Nancy Q. Martin

After outsourcing its manufacturing, Radisys, the leading provider of embedded wireless infrastructure solutions for 3G and 4G mobile platforms, could not see what inventory was on-hand to meet its te