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What’s The Best Way To Manage Localization Across Android And iOS? [VIDEO]

23-Feb-2015 | Mutual Mobile

iOS Architect, Kevin Harwood, explains how he and other Mutual Mobile developers tackle localization by using Twine to manage all of their translations in a single file for Android or iOS engineers.

Cracking The Coding

20-Feb-2015 | Mutual Mobile

This week, we’re going to talk about coding, the building block for all the great (and yes, not-so- great) apps you use every day. But we’ll start with a confession: I don’t know how to code.

2015: The Year Virtual Reality Will Get Real

16-Jan-2015 | Mutual Mobile

The term “Virtual Reality” first appeared in Antonin Artuad’s 1938 book The Theatre and Its Double, in a discussion of the stage and the alternative world that it creates. 1982 saw the release o

Hey, Wearables Makers: Here’s What We Want From You This Year

8-Jan-2015 | Mutual Mobile

I’m entering 2015 needing more from my wearables. Yes, I can track steps, sleep, calories, and heart rate. But I’m still drowning in meaningless data and wondering how much value my devices really

Hey Siri, Can We Talk … To Our Apps?

22-Dec-2014 | Mutual Mobile

Last June, Apple surprised developers at WWDC with announcement after announcement of new tools, new APIs, and even a new language. However when all was said and done, the one last trick developers we

The First Wave Of WatchKit: 3 Developers Discuss Their Apple Watch Plans

9-Dec-2014 | Mutual Mobile

It came out a little early to be considered a holiday gift, but if it had been, app developers might be approaching Apple about exchanging the first version of the WatchKit SDK for something that woul

How To Make Your Hackathon Not Suck

8-Dec-2014 | Mutual Mobile

Hackathons have been a key part of developer culture. Software-focused companies leverage them often to help employees blow off steam, socialize and generate ideas – for fun and profit.Take Facebook

The Future Of Payments Rests On Open Point Of Sale Systems

8-Dec-2014 | Mutual Mobile

When the iPhone and iOS launched in 2007, Apple initially didn’t provide support for third party developers. But not long after, Apple released its first developer SDK in early 2008. In 2014, dev

My Weekend With The Microsoft Band

29-Nov-2014 | Mutual Mobile

When I first heard about the Microsoft Band (which happened to be at 10pm during the bottom of the 9th of Game 7 of the World Series), I was immediately skeptical of it being a solid competitor in the

WatchKit: It’s Only The Beginning

25-Nov-2014 | Mutual Mobile

Back in September, Apple finally unveiled their next major hardware platform, the Apple Watch. The first question developers asked was “How do I write apps for this thing?” Today, Apple finally re