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Selfish, Scared And Stupid – A Guide To Navigating Change [PODCAST]

11-Feb-2016 | Mukesh Gupta

In this episode of Pushing Beyond the Obvious, we host author and innovation consultant Dan Gregory, who will talk about the Impossible Institute and changing human behavior. We are living today in


Customer Awareness And Customer Care

8-Jan-2016 | Mukesh Gupta

A recent post by Bernadette Jiwa made me think about the difference between customer support/satisfaction and customer awareness/care. The post articulates the importance of, and the difference be

Google To Alphabet And A New Model For Organizational Growth

14-Aug-2015 | Mukesh Gupta

Google founders Sergey and Larry have a knack for doing unconventional things. Now they've done it again by giving birth to a parent company for Google, called Alphabet. In a blog post that seems

Businesswomen laughing at computer in office

Starting Movements Instead Of Businesses [VIDEO]

8-May-2015 | Mukesh Gupta

I recently watched a TEDx Talk titled, “How to Start a Movement". This was about the founders of the November project sharing their success at holding open workout sessions across cities and their l

digital economy

Mitch Joel On Digital Marketing For Entrepreneurs [PODCAST]

15-Apr-2015 | Mukesh Gupta

In today’s episode, we host Mitch Joel, president of digital media agency Mirium. Mitch is the author of two books -- Ctrl Alt Delete and Six Pixels of Separation -- and is on my list of insanely

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Fighting Complexity By Embracing Simplicity

10-Apr-2015 | Mukesh Gupta

According to the “Simplifying the Future of Work Survey” conducted by Knowledge@Wharton and SAP, fighting complexity has become a strategic corporate imperative. The question I'd like to ponder

7 Lessons For CEOs From Aam Aadmi Party’s Revival In Delhi

18-Feb-2015 | Mukesh Gupta

In a remarkable feat, upstart political party – Aam Aadmi Party, consisting of non-political contestants swept across the elections for the Delhi Assembly poll. People across the nation had expec

Customers Love Fireplace-Like Service

13-Feb-2015 | Mukesh Gupta

Today, we have a guest post from Chip R. Bell. He is a renowned keynote speaker and best-selling author.  Here is Chip’s post about great customer service: I admit it! I am a hopeless romant

Hiring: Whose Job Is It Anyway?

11-Feb-2015 | Mukesh Gupta

Oh no, not another interview This is how I felt when I was asked to attend my fourth interview for a customer service role at Saint Gobain Glass more than a decade back. I had already gone thro

3 Strategies To Retaining Your Best Employees

10-Feb-2015 | Mukesh Gupta

Hiring the right people in your organisation is by itself a monumental task, but the process doesn’t end once the hire ins your organisation. It is extremely critical to train and engage these em