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Mukesh Gupta previously held the role of Executive Liaison for the SAP User group in India. He worked as the bridge between the User group and SAP (Development, Consulting, Sales and product management).

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How Marketing Can Scale A Small Business With Customer Centricity

26-Jan-2018 | Mukesh Gupta

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] One way small businesses can not only be relevant, but even compete (or out-compete) their large competitors is through obsessing about their customers and c

Three Character Traits Of A Good Innovation Manager

15-Jun-2017 | Mukesh Gupta

Almost every CEO I meet wants to out-innovate their competition in order to improve profits and better serve their customers. However, in the same breath, these same CEOs report that almost all their

Learning To Deal With Artificial Intelligence

14-Jun-2017 | Mukesh Gupta

In a recent MIT Review post, Liesl Yearsley, a serial entrepreneur who has developed AI bots, discussed how we as a society are influenced by artificial intelligence. Every one of us should strive t

The Role Of Imagination In Creating The Next Set Of Breakthrough Innovations

10-Mar-2017 | Mukesh Gupta

I stumbled across "As We May Think," an article that Director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development Vannevar Bush wrote in 1945. This article validates for me the role that imaginat

Superconsumers: Simple, Speedy, Sustainable Growth [VIDEO]

15-Feb-2017 | Mukesh Gupta

Everyone wants to grow their business. But growth is not easy, so any strategy that can help achieve this goal is likely a welcome addition to the material you may already have. When I got my ha

What Makes A Great Employee Recognition Program?

10-Feb-2017 | Mukesh Gupta

A strong, positive organizational culture can greatly enhance your business’s competitive advantage. One of the best ways to improve your organizational culture is to ensure that your employees a

What Stops Us From Creating Breakthrough Innovations

8-Feb-2017 | Mukesh Gupta

Have you ever been part of an innovation project that started off with big ambitions and dreams about coming up with disruptive, game-changing innovations but ends with a me-too or a watered-down, in

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Strategies For Employee Engagement In A Gig Economy

3-Feb-2017 | Mukesh Gupta

EY recently announced the results of a contingent workforce study that unearths key insights into the nature of the freelance or contingent workforce (the “gig economy”). Some of the key insights

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Intelligent Failure [VIDEO]

27-Jan-2017 | Mukesh Gupta

I just came across this video where Rita McGrath shares her views on how to fail intelligently. First, take some time and watch the short video below. She talks about the four different activi

How To Create A Structure For Unstructured Innovation

25-Jan-2017 | Mukesh Gupta

The need for innovation has never been more acute for businesses than it is today. Every CEO of any sizable business is worrying about which startup from which garage is going to change the rules of t