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Mukesh Gupta previously held the role of Executive Liaison for the SAP User group in India. He worked as the bridge between the User group and SAP (Development, Consulting, Sales and product management).


Adult Learning: Prediction, Action, And Reflection

4-Apr-2016 | Mukesh Gupta

One of the most important skills that highly successful entrepreneurs and leaders have in common is the ability to continue to learn and improve themselves. They are also extremely busy people, so the


The Future Of Work In A Project-Based, Consultant-Driven World

31-Mar-2016 | Mukesh Gupta

I believe we are moving to a future where most work will be in the form of projects with the use of independent workers with specialized skills. My prediction is that soon organisations will have a lo



16-Mar-2016 | Mukesh Gupta

FOMO – Fear of missing out Today’s always-connected world has created an entire generation that is growing up with the fear of missing out. That is why we are glued to our Twitter, Facebook, or S


Invisible Problems [VIDEO]

14-Mar-2016 | Mukesh Gupta

I just finished reading Meaningful by Bernadette Jiwa. In the book, she talks about the importance of “invisible problems” and refers to a TED Talk by Tony Fadell. I recommend that all entrepreneu


Lessons In Being Remarkable From An Unlikely Place – A Museum [VIDEO]

9-Mar-2016 | Mukesh Gupta

This post is for all of us who are responsible for creating experiences for our customers. I visited the Paper Museum in Basel, Switzerland, yesterday and was blown away by the experience. We


Tom Morkes: The Five Pillars Of Authority

8-Mar-2016 | Mukesh Gupta

$689.25 That’s the amount of money I made from my business in January of 2015. This is money after expenses and overhead, but still…that’s barely enough money to cover rent in most major cities


5 Practices For Leaders Of The Future

4-Mar-2016 | Mukesh Gupta

This post is for you if you plan to become—or already are—a leader who intends to lead their team in a world where change is the only constant, and engagement (employee/customer) is extremely diff


Building Agility – Meta Skill Organisations Need To Learn #FutureOfWork

18-Feb-2016 | Mukesh Gupta

One of the key skills that organisations need to learn in a VUCA world is organisational agility. The only way an organisation can build agility is when the flow of information is as quick and as far-


Selfish, Scared And Stupid – A Guide To Navigating Change [PODCAST]

11-Feb-2016 | Mukesh Gupta

In this episode of Pushing Beyond the Obvious, we host author and innovation consultant Dan Gregory, who will talk about the Impossible Institute and changing human behavior. We are living today in


Customer Awareness And Customer Care

8-Jan-2016 | Mukesh Gupta

A recent post by Bernadette Jiwa made me think about the difference between customer support/satisfaction and customer awareness/care. The post articulates the importance of, and the difference be