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Mohamed Amer

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Mohamed Amer is the Global Head Strategic Communications, Global Consumer Industries, at SAP. He joined SAP in 2003 as owner of the grocery solution offering, and has since led teams in Retail Supply Chain and Field Services. After three years managing initiatives and programs involving BPX/SCN, User Groups, and Executive Councils for Trade Industries, is now in a Strategic Communications role in the Retail IBU.

The Retail Digital Frontier: Copernican Moment Or Passing Fad?

1-Jul-2013 | Mohamed Amer

In the early 16th century, Nicolaus Copernicus proposed a model of a Sun-centered universe that upended the prevailing geocentric world view. One could not be reconciled with the other. This shift in

Customer Experience: Building Trust And Excitement

24-Jan-2013 | Mohamed Amer

In talking to retailers, I often hear of a desire for deeper engagement with customers, a richer and more consistent experience, increased customer loyalty, and more ‘wow’ in-store and online.  A