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Mimi Spier previously held the role of Senior Director Marketing, Cross Portfolio, Big Data, Mobile, at SAP. She was responsible for all aspects of GTM and launch strategy including packaging, pricing, messaging, launch, demand generation, field enablement, thought leadership, Analyst and Press relations, partner involvement, optimize sales in the perspective markets and evangelize on the topic of Analytics, Big Data, Mobile and Internet of Things/M2M.

The “Big Data” Storm…

24-Jul-2013 | Mimi Spier

As some of you may know, I wrote a blog the other week that asks, ‘Is Big Data Really a Big Opportunity?’ and if you haven’t the chance to read it… my answer was YES. I recently saw this Bi

Is Big Data Just Hype Or Is There A Big Opportunity For You?

15-Jul-2013 | Mimi Spier

It’s interesting to see how many business and technology editorials, events, and thought leaders are focused on “Big Data.” Is it really as ‘big’ of an opportunity as people think or not?

Why Mobile Analytics Is Critical For Executives

23-Oct-2012 | Mimi Spier

For any executive or business manager, I ask—can you afford to be wrong or late when you make critical or even day-to-day decisions? In today’s economic environment, most executives and manager

The Future of Business IS Mobile

6-Jul-2012 | Mimi Spier

Mobile is changing everything. Mobile technology, if it hasn’t already, will transform your job and your business. By 2015: Mobile app development for smartphones and tablets will outnumbe

Mobile Analytics — Is Your Enterprise Going Mobile Fast Enough? [Infographic]

Mobile Analytics — Is Your Enterprise Going Mobile Fast Enough? [Infographic]

31-May-2012 | Mimi Spier

Why? Well why not… If more people can run their business and do their daily responsibilities from anywhere and in a much more vivid, enjoyable, and productive way - not to mention cost effective and