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Milja Gillespie is the Director of HANA Cloud Platform Go To Market at SAP. She is responsible for driving go to market activities for SAP's User Experience (UX), Mobility and Collaboration products in the SAP HANA cloud.

iOS 7 and Mobile Security

11-Sep-2013 | Milja Gillespie

A lot of businesses have been eagerly awaiting Apple’s iOS 7 release, that finally arrived yesterday. The new OS will undoubtedly have an impact on the entire enterprise mobile management marketpla

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Security and Strategy: The Sum of the Four Runners Determines Performance

3-Sep-2013 | Milja Gillespie

It is said that, “in a 4X100-meter relay race, one runner starts before the other, but in the end, it’s the sum of the four runners that determines performance.” In many aspects, we often get ca

Mobile Devices are Here, There and Everywhere

5-Aug-2013 | Milja Gillespie

The Emergence of Mobile Devices Over the last few hundred years few things that have dramatically changed society like the advent of the industrial age, the automobile, and the invention of the compu

Mobile Security In A Changing World: Devices, Apps & Content

1-Jul-2013 | Milja Gillespie

Mobile security is increasingly important topic in today's ever-changing mobile world. It comes up in almost every conversation with customers, at every industry conference, and in boardroom meetin

Mobile Devices: A World of Change For A Changing World

Mobile Devices: A World of Change For A Changing World

1-Jul-2013 | Milja Gillespie

Remember the payphone? Just over a decade ago, the United States had several millionpayphones - today the number is less than half of a million1. The reason behind the decline of this once vital me

The Advent Of Mobile 2.0

The Advent Of Mobile 2.0

3-Jun-2013 | Milja Gillespie

The Shift to Mobile 2.0  How many times have you told someone or heard, “I have to do that when I get back into the office” or “Yes, I can take care of that as soon as I get back to my compute

Exploring The New Frontier Of Mobile Technology

Exploring The New Frontier Of Mobile Technology

6-May-2013 | Milja Gillespie

Have you ever wondered about those people that made the trek from the well-established east coast of the continent, through the wild and untamed country to the wide open west? Why did they take the ri

The Mobile Device is the Electronic Swiss Army Knife

The Mobile Device Is The Electronic Swiss Army Knife

5-Apr-2013 | Milja Gillespie

Mobile devices have come a long way from the brick phones of the 70s and 80s. The brick phones existed for a single task - to make calls. You can think of them as a butter knife. It’s great for spre

mobile investment and use

Content is King: Mobile Content Management

25-Feb-2013 | Milja Gillespie

If you are like millions of people around the globe, you probably like to be able to work at home, on plane, on the road or at a client site. And you’d probably love to have easy access to your pers

Wow, You Don’t Have a Smartphone?

27-Dec-2012 | Milja Gillespie

A few weeks ago I went out to dinner with some friends and colleagues in San Diego's Old Town district. My typical tradeshow dinner companions are almost always smartphone-addicted professionals; we a