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Mike Russo, Senior Industry Principal – Financial Services Mike has 30 years experience in the Financial Services/ Financial Software industries. His experience includes stints as Senior Auditor for the Irving Trust Co., NY; Manager of the International Department at Barclays Bank of New York; and 14 years as CFO for Nordea Bank’s, New York City branch –a full service retail/commercial bank. Mike also served on Nordea’s Credit, IT, and Risk Committees. Mike’s financial software experience includes roles as a Senior Banking Consultant with Sanchez Computer Associates and Manager of Global Business Solutions (focused on sale of financial/risk management solutions) with Thomson Financial. Prior to joining SAP, Mike was a regulator with the Federal Reserve Bank in Charlotte, where he was responsible for the supervision of large commercial banking organizations in the Southeast with a focus on market/credit/operational risk management. Joined SAP 8years ago.

Why Banks Should Be Bullish On Integrating Finance And Risk Data

2-Oct-2015 | Mike Russo

Welcome to the regulatory world of banking, where finance and risk must join forces to ensure compliance and control. Today it’s no longer sufficient to manage your bank’s performance using financ

Finance Transformation: Building A Foundation For Execution

19-Sep-2012 | Mike Russo

A good way to think about the mind-boggling burden of regulation hitting finance functions is to consider the number of pages devoted to new legislation and standards compared with earlier initiatives