Michelle Schooff

Michelle Schooff

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Michelle Schooff is a global marketing director in the retail and wholesale distribution industries for SAP. She is responsible for the marketing strategy, messaging and positioning for SAP solutions in the global marketplace. With over 20 years experience in technology and marketing, Michelle builds strategic marketing plans that drive growth, innovation and revenue.

Augmented And Virtual Reality Gain Momentum

15-Dec-2016 | Michelle Schooff

The virtual reality and augmented reality market is growing rapidly. DigiCapital estimates that the VR market will be about $30 billion by 2020. The two technologies are already making inroads in fiel

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3D Printing: Industry Impact Considerations For 2017

28-Nov-2016 | Michelle Schooff

To say that 3D printing is changing our world is an understatement. Today you can purchase 3D-printed shoes, 3D-printed jewelry, 3D-printed pens, and even 3D-printed vehicles. The automotive indust

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Embracing Innovation With The Internet Of Things In Wholesale Distribution

6-Jan-2015 | Michelle Schooff

The Internet of Things (IoT) might well be the most important shift in business since the advent of the computer, as it moves the world of business from one in which SKUs and consumers are disconnecte