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Michael Brenner is the CEO of Marketing Insider Group, former Head of Strategy at NewsCred, and the former VP of Global Content Marketing here at SAP. Michael is also the co-author of the book The Content Formula, a contributor to leading publications like The Economist, Inc Magazine, The Guardian, and Forbes and a frequent speaker at industry events covering topics such as marketing strategy, social business, content marketing, digital marketing, social media and personal branding.  Follow Michael on Twitter (@BrennerMichael)LinkedInFacebook and Google+ and Subscribe to the Marketing Insider.

The Best Content Marketing Examples

20-Jan-2017 | Michael Brenner

Last year we published 99 Amazing Content Marketing Examples. There were actually 106 examples there, but “99” felt better. This year, the list has almost doubled. So I’m giving up on countin

5 Steps To Getting Started With Content Marketing For Your Small Business Or Startup

29-Dec-2016 | Michael Brenner

Brand awareness is essential for the success of small businesses and startups. But with so many other brands competing for your target audience’s attention, what can you do to stand out in your mark

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5 Ways Retailers Can Close Out The Year With A Bang

28-Dec-2016 | Michael Brenner

We are rapidly approaching the end of another fiscal year! How has your retail business performed? Whether it’s been an outstanding year or an utterly forgettable one, there is always more you ca

The Content Marketing Personalization Imperative

27-Dec-2016 | Michael Brenner

Today’s buyers and consumers are fully in control of their customer journey and online experiences. With the proliferation of content marketing and branded content platforms, the challenge for ma

The Content Marketing Debate: More (Better) Is Definitely More

26-Dec-2016 | Michael Brenner

I have always believed that content marketing means companies leaving behind their tired old promotional ads, brochures, and requests for a demo. That’s why marketers are acting like real publisher

4 Steps To Building A Data-Driven Customer Experience

23-Dec-2016 | Michael Brenner

We need to talk about data. What was once a seemingly abstract concept used only in science fiction movies and software development textbooks has now become a sort of secondary currency in the worl

Top Digital Marketing Strategies For Retailers

8-Dec-2016 | Michael Brenner

Digital marketing in retail is an endlessly evolving discipline. Not only do you need to know how to reach and engage with consumers this time around, you need to know how you can do it better next

How Customer Profiles Can Boost Your Marketing Success

7-Dec-2016 | Michael Brenner

Today’s consumers are more connected than ever, and they are using a number of devices to search for information and make purchases. According to a Nielsen report, an average U.S. consumer owns and

CMOs Are Behind On Disruptive Growth, And It’s Going To Cost Their Job [INFOGRAPHIC]

6-Dec-2016 | Michael Brenner

Nearly 40% of CEOs say the CMO will be the first to go if business growth targets are not met, according to Accenture Strategy’s latest research, The C-level Disruptive Growth Opportunity, which s

Map Your Content To The Customer Journey

2-Dec-2016 | Michael Brenner

What sort of experience do you provide to your customers? How can you ensure that you knock it out of the park every time you interact with an existing or potential customer? Knowledge is power whe