Meghan Mucciarelli

Innovation: The Intangible That Makes Or Breaks Success

6-Aug-2014 | Meghan Mucciarelli

Competition is fierce in every industry and line of business, and it’s driven by more than just companies vying for prominence. The current landscape means you’re trying to keep pace with several

Take The What-If Out Of Retail Contract Negotiations

5-May-2014 | Meghan Mucciarelli

What’s the one thing any job or specialty requires? Tools. Every doctor wears a stethoscope. Carpenters need power drills. You wouldn’t send a cable technician to an installation without fiber-opt

NRI employee uses learning hub

Nomura Research Institute Gained Pace With Learning

22-Apr-2014 | Meghan Mucciarelli

If I had one genuine fear in an academic setting, it was asking the obvious question. Professors would always say, “No question is too small,” but each time my hand went up, the anxiety would star

Take Learning Beyond An Owner’s Manual

17-Apr-2014 | Meghan Mucciarelli

I’m never more frustrated than when I purchase an item that touts greater “technological convenience” and I can’t use it properly. Take the Bluetooth feature I opted for when I bought my car.

What Does It Take To Become A Retail Winner?

10-Jan-2014 | Meghan Mucciarelli

The retail landscape has experienced a seismic shift with the advent of mobile commerce, influx of tablets, and the proliferation of analytics. Retailers can collect more data about their customers a

How Much Do You Really Know About Big Data?

2-Jan-2014 | Meghan Mucciarelli

Big Data is one of those terms that truly captures the essence of what it’s being used to describe. But it can also, well, dumb down the concept so much that it’s easy to think you understand what

Where Are The Hidden Costs Of Business Intelligence? Consult Your Spredsheet

26-Dec-2013 | Meghan Mucciarelli

When I moved to Manhattan from a New Jersey suburb, I had to make a decision about my car. Certainly, having my own car would facilitate the occasional escape from New York.  But parking in the Big A

woman uses smartphone representing BYOD policy at the office

Top 5 Legal Questions To Ask Before Implementing A BYOD Policy

13-Dec-2013 | Meghan Mucciarelli

As a woman who stands at a Lilliputian 5’2”, carrying one device is my preference. Load my tiny frame with more than one laptop case, and I’m wobbling like a Weeble. So if my manager or HR rep

Retailers Offer Solutions – Not Just Items – to Enhance Brand

4-Sep-2013 | Meghan Mucciarelli

If current happenings at AT&T are any indication, retailers are more focused on creating a “retailtainment” setup than ever before. According to a Businessweek article, the telecom giant is un

Quality Data Is The Most Valuable Asset

19-Jun-2013 | Meghan Mucciarelli

Quality Data You Can Trust Small and midsize business managers have to balance it all: coming up with inspiring ideas, helming an overall vision for the company, and making tough decisions with as mu