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Big Data: Now An Integral Part Of Talent Recruiting

22-Apr-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

Big Data is a driving force behind business strategy today—and human resources is no exception. It’s given recruiters the tools they need to make better hires and is changing the way organizations


4 Signs You’re Dealing With A Toxic Workplace

21-Apr-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

Now that we’re all paying attention to workplace culture, here’s the unfortunate news: It’s not always pretty. A workplace can be just as broken and dysfunctional as a rotten relationship. Like


Big Data And Privacy: The Human Consequence Of Security Breaches

20-Apr-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), there were 781 U.S. data breaches last year, and the risk is predicted to grow exponentially. Data privacy is one of the biggest threats facing


The 4 Rules Of Employee Engagement, According To My Dad

15-Apr-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

Sometimes life throws a curve ball into the game, and it’s no more business as usual. My dad died this past Thursday morning with the love of his life, my mom, at his side. He had a very long battle


HR Needs To Transform And Refocus Now, With HRBP

12-Apr-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

Human resources emerged during the last century in response to new government requirements, employment laws, and employer expectations. However, the last century was a long time ago, and business need


Will Extended Parental Leave Ever Exist In The U.S.?

31-Mar-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

The United States lags behind when it comes to parental rights. We’re on a shockingly short list of countries that offer no paid maternity leave and are one of just a few developed nations with no f


The Disconnect Between Our Educational System And Organizational Demand

30-Mar-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

Does our educational system leave new graduates at a disadvantage? The U.S. educational system has long been considered one of the best in the world, but in recent years, it’s stagnated. According t

Business people meeting in office

The Impact Of Technology On HR And What’s Ahead

29-Mar-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

Rapid changes in technology have affected businesses in more ways than we can count, from globalization and organizational adjustments to a workforce clamoring for remote and mobile job opportunities


Where Have All The Business Mentors Gone?

24-Mar-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

Where have all the business mentors gone? Apparently, there are far fewer than before, and it’s taking a toll on companies. At Toyota, a lack of mentors had a directly negative effect on the bran


Want To Recruit Great Talent? Focus On Your Online Presence

22-Mar-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

There’s no question that technology is a game changer today – no matter what your industry. One of the greatest changes happening with the advances in mobile technology, for example, allows busine