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6 Ways To Help Attract A Founding Team, Pre-Revenue

10-Feb-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

So, let’s say you have a great idea. Maybe it’s been your side project, or maybe you’re 100 percent committed to making this idea a business. In the pre-revenue phase you’re now in, you need t


The Devil At The Desk: Destructive Bosses

9-Feb-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

The onus is on leadership to improve employee engagement. It’s part of that magical workforce trifecta: a terrific candidate experience, a high level of workplace engagement, all resulting in retent


5 Leadership Toys For The Multigenerational Workplace Sandbox

8-Feb-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

The multigenerational workforce — you’ve heard about it. There are about six generations that live in America today; three to five of which are in the workplace, with another set to enter within t


5 Ways Technology Is Changing The Face Of HR

5-Feb-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

Human resources departments are typically a frenzy of activity, but technology has given HR professionals tools that help reduce administrative tasks so that they can focus on issues that require more


Managing By Influence: How To Lead In The New Workforce

3-Feb-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

Influence is everywhere: We’re in the midst of an election displaying the best and worst. Have at it, talented people, enjoy the show. Meanwhile, from where I’m sitting, it’s a game-changing yea


Your Talent Brand Matters More Than You Think

28-Jan-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

It’s not enough to think of your company brand. Or your product brand. Or actually, your employer brand. Think about it: Being an employer implies having employees. But much of what we really have t


Key Points From LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2016 [REPORT]

27-Jan-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

Each year, technology brings new recruiting trends to the HR world that impact both how we recruit, and retain, employees. It’s up to businesses to stay on top of these changing trends if they want


Considering Team Chemistry: Would You Hire Stephen Colbert?

26-Jan-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

To many, Stephen Colbert is an American icon: A comedian with a sharp, sardonic wit who has had a huge impact on our culture. You may find Colbert hilariously entertaining. But would you hire him?


4 Tips For Finding And Retaining Tech Talent

22-Jan-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

Hiring is a gamble. The cost of a bad hire is high — tens of thousands of dollars down the drain, from onboarding and training, not to mention re-recruiting, re-onboarding, etc. And the job market f

Businesswoman thinking against hologram interface in office overlooking city

Think Like A Workplace Futurist

21-Jan-2016 | Meghan M. Biro

In the first quarter of 2015, millennials finally overtook Generation X as the largest cohort in the workplace — there are more than 53.5 million of them working today. Their massive size and econom