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Meghan Biro is talent management and HR tech brand strategist, analyst, digital catalyst, author and speaker. I am the founder and CEO of TalentCulture and host of the #WorkTrends live podcast and Twitter Chat. Over my career, I have worked with early-stage ventures and global brands like Microsoft, IBM and Google, helping them recruit and empower stellar talent. I have been a guest on numerous radio shows and online forums, and has been a featured speaker at global conferences. I am the co-author of The Character-Based Leader: Instigating a Revolution of Leadership One Person at a Time, and a regular contributor at Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and several other media outlets. I also serve on advisory boards for leading HR and technology brands.

Transparency 4.0: Why AI In The Workplace Will Force Us To Tell The Truth

25-Jul-2017 | Meghan M. Biro

Are we ready for AI and robotics in the workplace? First, we need to be more aware of its presence and power in general, and then we probably need a major adjustment in our natural survival instinct t

IT And HR: Working Together To Keep Employee Data Safe

20-Jul-2017 | Meghan M. Biro

High-profile companies like Sony, Target, and Yahoo – along with the U.S. government – have been victims of data breaches. If these companies, with the best resources at their disposal, can be com

Anka and Iris talk about diversity

Ramp Up Your Workplace Diversity And Inclusion Now – Before It’s Too Late

17-Jul-2017 | Meghan M. Biro

Diverse workplaces have been proven to be more profitable and sustainable – they’re better for business – than less-diverse workplaces. A McKinsey diversity report found that companies in the t

How to Grow Your Company Without Losing Its Culture

3-Jul-2017 | Meghan M. Biro

Hiring dilutes your culture—unless, along with resumes and skill sets, you look at a candidate’s personal alignment with your company’s core values. The concept of startup culture, which is s

Four Things We Must Hold Leaders Accountable To Do

9-Jun-2017 | Meghan M. Biro

When we talk about “accountability” in the workplace, it brings to mind performance evaluations and management assessments. But accountability is so much more—and with the prevalence of social m

Closing The Gap: How To Leverage Tech To Engage A Remote Workforce

31-May-2017 | Meghan M. Biro

Today’s managers and HR directors face the challenge of creating a sense of camaraderie among employees who may never meet in person. A full 43 percent of the workforce is working remotely at least

Be The Change: Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

24-May-2017 | Meghan M. Biro

I’m sure you’ve heard all about the millennial generation. Those 20- to 36-year-olds, pampered throughout their lives by their baby-boomer parents, have grown up to be self-absorbed, entitled narc

How To Tell If Your Leader Is Ruining Employee Retention

5-May-2017 | Meghan M. Biro

What drives retention? Leaders: the flesh-and-blood humans in charge. From managers to CEOs, the boss has a huge impact on retention. For all the bells and whistles we create to drive engagement and e

Why Job Interviews Are Not Foolproof

21-Apr-2017 | Meghan M. Biro

Here’s the reality of hiring today: Work itself is undergoing rapid changes, shifting to a new kind of workscape that’s digital, global, diverse, leans on automation, and functions across multiple

How Assessments Create Successful Manufacturing Hires

12-Apr-2017 | Meghan M. Biro

Want to make the right manufacturing hires? A 2016 MRI Network survey on recruiting found that 80% of all hires are mistakes that cost companies time and money. In manufacturing, according to research