Max Nisen

LightSpeed Is Helping Stores Kill Off ‘Showrooming’ For Good

13-Nov-2013 | Max Nisen

The common narrative since e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay exploded is that physical  retail will die a slow, painful death. But it doesn't have to. Entrepreneur Dax DaSilva, founder and CE

How Location Targeting Is Transforming Retail

8-Nov-2013 | Max Nisen

One of the biggest marketing puzzles for owners of brick-and-mortar businesses is mobile advertising, figuring out how to benefit from the constant parade of people wandering around staring at their 

social business

Workplace of the Future [Slides]

18-Feb-2013 | Max Nisen

Despite the massive changes we've seen in our personal lives from technology, the workplace has been remarkably static. Many of us still work in big offices, in cubicles, and at the same desk and comp

A More Decentralized Workplace Is Becoming Inevitable

28-Jan-2013 | Max Nisen

The future of work in America is changing dramatically. As companies continue to streamline their operations, low-skill jobs are increasingly going offshore, to robots, or being outsourced in some wa

Why The World’s Most Sustainable Company Publishes CO2 Emissions Next To Its Earnings

15-Jan-2013 | Max Nisen

There's a difference between a company having a sustainability program and actually being sustainable. The difference is measurement. When you have data on what your efforts are accomplishing,

You Have To Know How Millennials Think To Get The Best Out Of Them

9-Jan-2013 | Max Nisen

Millennials are taking over the workplace. In some areas, like tech startups, they already dominate and frequently manage older colleagues. Businesses that want to stay competitive and be as dynamic

10 Radical Companies That Are Changing The Way We Work

14-Dec-2012 | Max Nisen

Millennials have a stronger-than-ever influence on the workplace. They're starting more and more companies themselves, and expect their workplaces to be as digitally native as they are. These 10

You Need To Really Know Every Person To Make A Virtual Team Work

14-Dec-2012 | Max Nisen

One of the most dominant trends in the workplace is the rise of the virtual team. Whether by design or necessity, more and more people are working outside the office but on the same sorts of multi-per