Matias Rodsevich

The Manager’s Guide To Developing A Growth Mindset

15-Jul-2016 | Matias Rodsevich

A dramatic shift in the job market has led many companies to turn to feedback to improve employee retention rates. Unlike in the past, employees are feeling less tied to company loyalty and freer to t

6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Real-Time Feedback

17-May-2016 | Matias Rodsevich

In the news today, we’re constantly seeing major companies announce they’re dumping their old performance management systems for more agile solutions. Accenture, Adobe, Deloitte, Gap, and Microsof

3 Performance Indicators That Will Make Or Break Your Company

11-Mar-2016 | Matias Rodsevich

Want to find out how your business is performing? Setting and analyzing performance indicators for your company is the best way to forecast and get on track with your business goals. Creating KPIs, or

HR Trends: Back To The Future In 2016

4-Feb-2016 | Matias Rodsevich

In 2015 we saw the emergence of a number of new HR trends. The HR landscape is changing more rapidly than ever before. HR trends, such as recruitment through social media, the impact of Generation Z,

This Is How Google Redefines Performance Management

8-Jan-2016 | Matias Rodsevich

When it comes to unprecedented scale of success and growth, one company reigns supreme: Google. Started as a research project in 1996 by then-PhD students Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford Univer

How To Break Down Barriers To Give More Feedback At Work

23-Dec-2015 | Matias Rodsevich

You are motivated to give more feedback to help your colleagues grow, but you often find yourself not doing it. There seem to be invisible barriers that stop you from sharing your opinions. You might

How GE Renews Performance Management: From Stack Ranking To Continuous Feedback

18-Nov-2015 | Matias Rodsevich

These days, not a day passes without an industry leader announcing that they are done with their inefficient performance review processes. Adobe, Accenture and Deloitte all announced that they are