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Mary Odabashian

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Mary Odabashian is the Global VP of Communications and Marketing Integration at SAP. She has over twenty five years of experience in establishing internal and external market awareness of organizations, services and solutions with a strong commitment to building communication plans that support business growth, performance and profitability.

business connectivity in the cloud

Can Cloud Adoption Limit Your Business Innovation? How To Ensure The Sky Is The Limit With Your Cloud Applications

11-Jun-2015 | Mary Odabashian

No matter what their industry or line of business, today’s enterprises share many common goals. To gain advantage over their competitors, companies want to increase revenues through top-line growth

Predicting the Future Out of a Pile of Data

23-Jul-2012 | Mary Odabashian

So I’ve been thinking lately about how organizations find their way out of huge volumes of data.  I guess the techies have figured out how to make data from the past understandable with all their w