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digital transformation

Born To Be Digital: How Leading CIOs Are Preparing For A Digital Transformation

Digital technologies – including social media, the cloud, data analytics and mobile – are rapidly emerging as disruptive forces for businesses across all industries, from retailers and banks through to carmakers and energy companies. They are fundamentally changing the...
work-life balanace

4 Dimensions Of Work-Life Balance Every Executive Should Know

Oliver Bussmann, SAP Global CIO, divulges his secret to work-life balance. Discover the four, interconnected dimensions that Oliver believes are crucial to a balanced life.
What Do A Hasbro Campaign and Enterprise Mobility Have In Common?

What Do A Hasbro Campaign and Enterprise Mobility Have In Common?

Hasbro made headlines this week with their cool crowdsourcing campaign: Save Your Token. Through multi-media marketing including Facebook and Twitter as the engagement platforms, Hasbro asked consumers to vote on retiring a Monopoly game piece and replace it with...
IT Security Mangement

How To Implement IT Security Management In Your Organization

In combination with research from external sources, we have seen that the vast majority of security within a company is only incident management – reacting directly to problems as they occur. The only way a company can achieve...
Oliver Bussmann’s 2013 Social Media Tips

Oliver Bussmann and his 2013 Social Media Tips

SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann, recognized as the #1 Social CIO, is distinguished as a thought leader and influencer in the Enterprise IT industry. Oliver actively engages on Twitter, blogs, and other social networks daily addressing the latest trends in...